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Is doing yoga and meditation good before sleeping?

"Meditating and doing a few yoga poses before going to bed is an excellent way to prepare the body and mind for a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep. There are a few yoga poses that help prepare the body for quality sleep by relaxing the body and calming the mind. These poses help release tension from the back, shoulders, neck, and face. They also help in easing stress and fatigue from the day. Those suffering from sleep disorders or insomnia can also practice yoga asanas before sleep to ensure a good sleep. Some of these yoga poses are:
• Ujjayi Pranayam: This breathing technique is beneficial for calming the mind, and warming up the body. It helps get quality sleep, helps prevent snoring, and enhances immunity.
• Nadi Shodhan Pranayam: This is the alternate nostril breathing practice that is excellent to ensure a good sleep. It also helps relieve stress, exhaustion, and calms the mind.
• Uttanasana: This forward bending pose is also known as the standing forward bend. It helps to remove tension from the spine and the neck
• Viparita Karani: known as legs up the wall pose, this pose relaxes the arms, legs, feet, and also stretches the neck, lower limbs, and boosts blood circulation.
Meditation is another way to calm the mind and get rid of unnecessary thoughts. By helping one to focus on the breathing pattern, meditation helps in de-cluttering the mind which ensures a peaceful and deeply relaxing sleep.

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