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क्या योग-साधना से विश्व में शांति स्थापित करना संभव है? ( Is it Possible for Yoga-practitioners to Effect Full Peace in World? )

The way very tall claims have been made about splendid miracles that the practice of Yoga can bring in one’s own life and around raises a very pertinent question: Why Yoga-practitioners don’t bring permanent peace to this strife torn world if Yoga indeed has miraculous powers?

Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee’s scientific theory and explanation

Numerous scientific factors of Cosmic Psychology are at work that ultimately negate full realization of Yoga’s overall Cosmological and Cosmographic potential for bringing peace to our strife-torn world such as the following ones:

1. Each Maanav is a super spiritual computer with amazing powers. Each individual daily generates bioelectromagnetic (bem) waves, which can be either negative or positive. The total sum of negative energy generated by strife-producers is more than the total amount of positive energy created by peace-lovers.

As such, the negative vibrations prevails over positive vibrations. The end-result is the continuous production and sustenance of problems in personal relations between and amongst individuals from micro individual level to macro global level.

We can cite example of Jesus, the beloved son of divine father. He had great miraculous powers. Yet, he could not change and transform every Maanav he came across. Indeed, negativity was so great in his times that negativity-generators crucified him to death! In short, no individual Maanav can transform whole Earth or world single-handed.

The all-embracing and overpowering negativity ultimately causes strife at all levels leading to skirmishes, battles and wars between and amongst individuals or different political entities such as the nation-States.

2. Yoga-practitioners all over world have never come together to collectively meditate and remove negativity from the fellow Maanavas and the Earth. It is true some individuals or small groups of Yogis have tried in past and are even trying now to achieve this near impossible.

However, the fact remains their efforts have either been limited to individual persons or certain terrestrial regions and the greater negativity generated by those around them on our planet Earth completely wipes out the positive results produced by them.

3. Individual Yoga-practitioners have on several occasions tried to overcome negativity by using their own positivity generated through Yoga-practice. This has certain inbuilt limitations.

First, they cannot remain in positivity-generation mode 24 hours and for days together.

Second, negativity around has resurfaced and overtaken the space again by the time they refresh and use their Yoga-powers.

Third, Yoga-spiritual ability to produce more positivity is diminished over the passage of time and they may develop physical ailments due to overstraining of sensory-motor system of their physical bodies if they continue to be in mode of fighting the negative vibrations prevailing around. Therefore, they stop being in this mode after a certain period of time in their life and instead concentrate on retaining the well-being of their physical body to achieve spiritual liberation that exactly is the ultimate goal of Yoga-practicing.

The discussion clearly emphasises the need for collective Yoga-practice on global scale if we really wish to remove internecine Maanav-conflicts from the face of the Earth forever which indeed is a tall order, but certainly not impossible.


According to Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee, various world bodies, groups and political entities can develop, hire, nurture and sustain qualified teams of selfless Yoga-practitioners. Provide this spiritual lot a conducive atmosphere to hone in their Cosmological-psychological talent.

They be well paid and their basic material needs be fully taken care of.

Assign them the task of removing negativity-clouds from over politically and geographically volatile regions such as the West Asia, Middle East and elsewhere. These may include disturbed areas of Palestine, Israel, Syria, etc.

Slowly, but steadily the practitioners of Yoga, using their own Cosmological Psychological talent, shall certainly be able to usher in greater peace in world…!

~ Dr Swaamee AprtemaanandaaJee
( Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee's Yoga-Secrets-Revealed Series - 59)

(Fotos: Courtesy of Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee,Nidhi Parmar, Google)

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