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QUESTION [ today at 11:59am ]
by Rachit Kashyap on Facebook:

swaamee ji kya hum yog k through apne ander ki feeling ko badal sakte h ........

plz tell me .......and help me

[English Translation: Swaamee ji, can we transform our internal feelings through the Yoga...plz tell me...and help me]


Yes, Rachit, we can certainly transform our internal feelings through the Yoga.

First of all all you have to know as to what it is that you wish to change inside you? Of course, it has to do with your feelings.
What are the feelings that you wish to see change within your own being?

Are these the feelings of harmful negativity? Because,the so-called negative feelings are all not harmful all the time. For example, the negative feeling of fear some time may prove to be useful like you fear investing into a highly volatile stock market despite the temptation to buy certain shares whose value has gone up very high overnight. The next day, you find that your fear had saved you from losing money in the share market because you read in the papers that the share market had crashed and the rise that you had seen the previous day was just the highest point of the market-bubble!

Has it to do with some feelings of guilt, inferiority, emptiness, void, depression, fear, inadequacy, helplessness, inability....The endless list goes on...! Certainly, you would love to change your harmful negative feelings into more fruitful positive ones and not the positive ones into the negative!

Having known or identified the feelings that you wish to change within your self, the next step is to seek help of the Yoga.

There are many Yoga-methods to overcome/change your unwanted internal feelings. You can check them out on any
reputes yoga website or yoga-forums online or offline.

The simplest one that I can suggest here is:

1.Set aside 10-15 minute daily for Praannaayaama. Do it with your eyes closed with attention focused on the third-eye centre. Visualise your negative feeling going out of your mind/body/spirit forever and a soothing white light filling in your whole being. Visualize that now you have the desired positive feeling/s in the desired quantity, magnitude and direction. Visualise that you have now transformed into a fully energetic positive Maanava [human being].

2. The above-mentioned exercise can be done daily in the morning. If possible, repeat it every 6 hours daily.

3. If possible, seek and get the blessings of some really true spiritual master.

4. Listen to positive songs and music; positive discourses; read positive elevating literature/poetry.

5. Always try to maximize your time living amongst people who think and act positively. Avoid as far as possible,
being in the company of negative-approached people.

6. Finally, pay humble respects in your heart to the person who has given you this much useful knowledge. Always
remember that you get the invisible blessings from the entire cosmos instantly by paying gratitude to the spiritual

Let me add here: Transform your own self, first. Don't worry to transform others. If each one transforms one self, the whole society, nation-State and maanavataa [humanity] would automatically be transformed since the WHOLE consists of the INDIVIDUAL PARTS...!

~ J G M J V S A J

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