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What really is the meaning of the Sanskruta word ‘ANUTTAMA?’ The scholars and seers seem to be having different opinion on its true meaning.

The confusion surrounding the meaning of the word ‘ANUTTAMA’ has been taken undue advantage of by some commentators like Rampal, the head of the Kabira-Panthi Satlok Ashram, Barwala to confuse the true spiritual seekers into believing that one shouldn’t follow Lord Krishna who had spoken the Great Gita to Arjuna at the battlefield of Kurukshetra.

[Plate Number 1]

[Plate Number 2]

Just have a cursory glance at the plate numbers one and two which show that Rampal has interpreted the shaloka number 18 in the chapter number 7 of the Gita by claiming that the Almighty/God has said in this shloka that worshiping him [Almighty/God] and the spiritual salvation granted by him [Almighty/God] are inferior and sub-standard.

In other words, Rampal means to say that the Lord Krishna is non-worthy of being followed by any true spiritual-seeker who desires to attain the spiritual salvation because the spiritual salvation provided by him [Lord Krishna] is inferior or ephemeral, not the eternal one.

In support of his contention, Rampal says that certain dictionaries have given the meaning of the word ‘ANUDAAR’ as ‘ANUTTAMA.’ The word ‘UDAAR’ means ‘generous, good’ and its antonym or the word ‘ANUDAAR’ means ‘not generous, not good, inferior, sub-standard.’ So, the meaning of the word ‘ANUTTAMA’ is ‘inferior.’

In response to a question put up by an Indian TV channel most often used by Rampal has the Shankaracharya of Badrinath Math has been quoted as saying that the meaning of the word ‘ANUTTAMA’ is ‘inferior.’ Rampal has ensured the repeated telecast of this meaning accepted by the Shankaracharya of Badrinath. This has obviously been done by Rampal to impress upon the minds of the spiritual-seekers that even top holy people like Shankaracharyas, too accept ‘inferior’ as the meaning of the word ‘ANUTTAMA’…!

The factual truth is that ‘inferior’ isn’t the true meaning of the word ‘ANUTTAMA.’ This is amply clear from the following plate numbers 3 and 4.

[Plate Number 3]

[Plate Number 4]

The plate number 3 is in the Sanskruta language. It is a shloka or verse written in praise of the Goddess Brhmchaarennee, one of the 9 Goddesses worshipped as the NavaDurgaas. It is a matter of common sense that when you praise some one then you don’t say bad things about that person. You use such words that would only show nice qualities of that person.

In the plate number 3, mark the word ‘BRHMCHAARENYANUTTAMAA’ which is made up of two roots: [i] BRHMCHAARENEE [ii] ANUTTAMAA.

The word ‘ANUTTAMA’ indicates masculine gender. The word ‘ANUTTAMAA’ signifies the feminine gender.
Now, if you were to follow the misinterpretation of the word ‘ANUTTAMA’ as ‘INFERIOR’, you would end up misinterpreting the word ‘ANUTTAMAA’ as ‘an inferior lady.’ Even the foolish of the foolish can see easily that you cannot claim to be praising a lady by telling that she is an inferior entity…!

Clearly, the word ‘ANUTTAMAA’ in the plate number 3 stands for ‘a good lady, superior or best lady’ because the verse therein is in praise of a lady, that is, the Goddess Brhmchaarenee…! As such, the meaning of the masculine word ‘ANUTTAMA’ means ‘good, superior, best.’

It’s high time the concerned Sanskruta-Hindi dictionaries corrected their mistake regarding the meaning of the word ‘ANUTTAMA.’ These dictionaries must now give ‘good, superior, best’ as the correct meanings of the word ‘ANUTTAMA.’

The plate numbers 3 and 4 are taken from the book NavaDurgaa in Hindi published by the Gita Press, Gorakhpur, India.

[Plate Number 5]

The above discussion should now forever put to rest the wrong claim made by Rampal regarding the meaning of the word ‘ANUTTAMA.’ Also, the spiritual seekers must understand that in the verse number 18 of chapter number 7 of the Gita, the Almighty says through the word ‘ANUTTAMA’ that his spiritual instructions and spiritual liberation granted by him are both the ANUTTAMA or the BEST…!
~ J G M J V S A J

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