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Know Reasons Of Bathing Shiv Lingam With Various Ingredients

According to standard Indian spiritual text titled शुक्ल यजुर्वेदीय रुद्राषटाअध्यायी (Shukl Rudraashtadyaayi), following are main
reasons for bathing lingam with various ingredients:
(1) Water: to get rainfall, to get rid of fever, to achieve MOKSHA/SPIRITUAL SALVATION.
(2) Juice of Sugarcane: to get resources such as LAkshmi/wealth.
(3) Curd: to get resources such as animals.
(4) Mixture of honey and refined butter/ghee: to get money.
(5) Milk: to get a son/daughter , to get longevity or long life, to get rid of diabetes. The lady who can't conceive a child, a lady who can't become pregnant or a lady who is unable to become pregnant a second time, or whose babies/babas die IMMEDIATELY after birth - all such ladies bath lingam with milk. To get one's wishes fulfilled also, lingam is bathed with milk.
(6) Refined Butter/ghee: to ensure one's family lineage continues uninterrupted for generations to come, to get good health.
(7) Mixture of Sugar and Milk: to remove cognitive dissonance, to remove non-functioning of brain.
(8) Mustard oil: to get enemy destroyed.
(9) Honey: to get rid of typhoid, to get rid of one's own sins.
(10) Mixture of Sugar and water: to be blessed with a son.

Practical Scientific Reasons:

All these ingredients keep Lingam structure clean and Intact. Result is the lingam structure which generally is made of stone doesn't decay early.
Sequencing of offerings is meant to keep it clean. For example, it is difficult to clean up sticky honey from over lingam with water. So, sugar is offered/rubbed around lingam after honey has been poured on lingam. Sugar readily absorbs honey and so it becomes easier to remove/clean up honey from lingam.
~ -Dr. Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee
(The writer is a Scientific Healer, yoga-Practitioner, Research Scientist, Gynecologist, Epidemiologist, citizen-Economist, and well known for informative analytical pieces on Healing, Spirituality, Yoga, Fitness, Health, Medicine, Ayurveda, Science, Economics, and Politics)
*- डॉ स्वामी अप्रतिमानंदा जी*
*(योग विशेषज्ञ, योगाचार्य, योगामास्टर)*


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