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No perfect medical cure has so far been found to cure all the patients who suffer from the dreaded disease called the AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) despite tremendous amount of efforts being put into medical research by medical researchers the world over. So, can the Yoga claim to have a cure for it?
Yes! The field of the Yoga can certainly claim to have an effective remedy to the AIDS, one of the most feared of the dreaded diseases in the entire Maanava history!
The AIDS isn’t a new phenomenon. It was known as the incurable Paandu-Roga after Paandava, the mythological king of Bharat mentioned in the mythological text The Mahabharata.
The Hindi word ‘Roga’ means the ‘disease’.
Any woman who had sex with the king Paandava used to contract the Paandu/AIDS disease and inevitably die. The king himself died of the same disease.
Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee’s scientific theory and explanation
In Ayurveda, all the diseases have been found to be a negative by-product of the imbalance in the three basic aspects of the maanava shareer: वात Vaat (air element), पित्त Petta (heat element), and कफ़ Kafa (phlegm/water element).
The patient who tests HIV+ is unable to resist the onslaught of numerous diseases due to the weakening of their immune system by the AIDS virus.
The pathogenic bacteria are known to become neutralised and ineffective on boiling them at a temperature of 115 degrees Celsius.
It is a proven fact that when some liquid is heated first and then cooled down then that liquid becomes free from the harmful microorganisms such as the bacteria, etc. This principle is used in pasteurising the milk to make it safer for Maanava-consumption.
In the Anuloma-Veloma praannaayaama, the Yoga-practitioner is basically pasteurising or disinfecting the maanava shareer by inhaling and exhaling the air alternately through both the nostrils. For example, the inhalation of the air from the left nostril cools down the maanava shareer and the inhalation of the air from the right nostril heats it up.
The breaking up of the breathing pattern cures several medical disorders such as the Asthma as Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee has shown vividly in an earlier scientific research paper.
Most of the HIV+ patients develop further complications such as the uncontrollable influenza, etc.
It is a scientifically proven fact that the regular practise of the Yoga especially the praannaayaama such as the Anuloma-Veloma praannaayaama and Suryabhedi praannaayaama, etc., boosts the immune system of the Maanava shareer, thereby helping the Yoga-practitioner develop a strong resistance to various diseases and be healthy.
The basic need for the AIDS patient is to develop a strong resistance to the dreaded virus. The Anuloma-Veloma praannaayaama and the Suryabhedi praannaayaama helps the AIDS patient disinfect their Maanava shareer of the harmful microorganisms including the AIDS virus.
The Suryabhedi praannaayaama overcomes the imbalanced air and phlegm in the AIDS patient’s shareer by increasing the heat in their shareer. The increased heat kills the harmful bacteria or pathogens; neutralises and renders ineffective the AIDS virus.
Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee recommends the following sequential daily morning Yoga-regimen or the Yoga for Overcoming AIDS (YFOA-regimen) for the AIDS patients:
(1) The Anuloma-Veloma praannaayaama for 90 minutes at one single continuous sitting.
(2) Complete rest for the next 90 minutes.
(3) The 30 cycles of Suryabhedi praannaayaama at one single continuous sitting.
(4) Complete rest for the next 60 minutes.
(5) The breaking up of the breathing pattern for 60 minutes. For example, inhale and exhale from the right nostril for 60 minutes if you were so far inhaling and exhaling from the left nostril.
The duration of the praannaayaama be kept at the comfortable level initially and be increased gradually to the levels recommended in the YFOA-regimen.
The doctor supervising the AIDS patient must check the AIDS patient’s recovery progress after a week’s time. They must compare the result with the patient’s medical status that prevailed before the start of the above-mentioned regimen.
Continue with the morning YFOA-regimen if the patient shows some recovery or progress. Else, make the AIDS patient undergo the YFOA-regimen in the evenings, too.
The YFOA-regimen or the YFOA therapy combined with corresponding effective Ayurveda medicines and nutritious healthy food can certainly help most AIDS patient defeat the AIDS virus and become healthy again.
It is advisable to administer the YFOA therapy under the competent supervision of a team comprising of a competent Yoga-expert, Ayurvedacharya (who is a Naadee/Naadeya-Vaidya नाड़ीया वैद्य or expert in feeling the maanava-pulse) and an allopathic practitioner/doctor only.
The YFOA-regimen given here is only indicative in nature. It can be changed suitably by the medical experts to suit the medical needs of the AIDS patient.
It shall greatly help the AIDS patient if the Yoga-expert is an enlightened spiritual master/person and healer, too!
Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee invites the medical community and scientists to carry out the experiments using the YFOA therapy.

~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Je

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