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I have done a study of correlation between COVID19 and use of mobile devices/smartphones.
For the study purpose I looked at data of 13 countries both developed and developing.
I found developed countries in general have highest numbers of confirmed cases, cases per 1 million and deaths of COVID19 and also the higher numbers of users of mobile devices and smartphones than in developing countries.
For example, China reported 82160 confirmed COVID19 cases, India 9152, USA 561103, Japan 7255, Germany 127854, UK 84279, France 95403, Iran 73303, South Korea 10537, Spain 169496, Italy 34211, Turkey 56956, Brazil 22318, and Indonesia 4557.
Similarly, COVID19 cases per 1 million are 58.60, 6.73, 1702.6, 57.6, 1537.64, 1268.58, 1422.31, 879.66, 203.49, 3598.61, 2595.52, 684.94, 105.60, 124.90, and 17.07 respectively for these countries.
The numbers of deaths due to COVID19 were 3341, 308, 22106, 102, 1537, 10612, 14393, 4585, 217, 17489, 19899, 1198, 1230, and 399 respectively for 13 countries.
The penetration of smartphones is 59.90%, 25.30%, 79.10%, 57.20%, 79.90%, 82.90%, 77.50%, 54.80%, 70.40%, 74.30%, 60.80%, 54.00%, 45.60%, and 31.10% respectively in these 13 countries.
Now let us analyse the data.
73.47% people in top 10 developed countries own smartphones compared to just 25.39% people owning these in top 10 developing countries. In top 10 developing countries 74.61% people don't own these. But, there are countries such as Iran in developing world which have a higher number of mobile devices and smartphone-users. It has 54.80% penetration of smartphones.
The point to note is that countries with higher penetration of smartphones are also associated with higher numbers of COVID19 cases per 1 million, confirmed COVID19 cases, and COVID19 deaths. Iran has 73303 confirmed COVID19 cases, 4585 COVID19 deaths, and 879.66 COVID19 cases per 1 million population.
Let us see more examples. 59.90% people in China use smartphones and it shows 58.60 COVID19 cases per million. Whereas India has only 6.73 COVID19 cases per million population and it has only 25.30% smartphones penetration. This is lower than China's. Similarly, Indonesia with a low penetration of 31.10% smartphones also has lower number of 17.07 COVID19 cases per million of population.
It is interesting to note 7.77 billion people of world have 9.82 billion mobile connections with there being 5.28 billion (67.95% world population) unique mobile subscribers. 4.78 billion (61.51% world population) are mobile phone users. 3.50 billion (45.04% world population) have smartphones.
The above analysis clearly proves existence of a correlation between mobile devices/ smartphones and COVID19 deaths.
But, is there any CAUSE and EFFECT relationship?
The answer is partly Yes and partly No.
Electromagnetic waves flowing from electronic devices such as smartphones are known for causing disturbances in health of a person.
But, this may also indicate other symptoms such as a sedentary lifestyle in terms of over-dependence on electronic devices which in turn may cause medical problems such as obesity. Obesity may further cause diabetes making a person more susceptible to COVID19.
The present scientific research paper clearly shows people must use mobile devices and smartphones carefully with the same care that they use a kitchen-knife if they are to avoid falling a prey to harmful agents such ad COVID19.
- Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee
( The writer is well known for informative analytical pieces on Healing, Spirituality, Yoga, Fitness, Health, Medicine, Ayurveda, Science, Economics, and Politics)

Note: The data given in this scientific research paper is correct upto the time of posting it. For latest data, reader may search on Google (corona-19 map)


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