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Navaratri Aarti at GAIL Apartments sector 62 Noida on 7 October

I remain too busy each year during Navaratri celebrations. It is hectic schedule. I keep running from one housing society to another in sector 62, as devotees of divine mother Durga ji have full faith in pujas done by me. I hardly get enough time to sleep or take meals on time so busy is life in these Navaratri days.

I have uploaded video of daily puja performed yesterday night under my supervision at GAIL Apartments, the most famous housing society of sector 62 in Noida where some of the most famous Indian personalities including writers, yoga spiritual masters, doctors and central government officers live. It is located on durga shakti marg. Famous durga shakti park is on opposite side of road where famous durga puja is done each year by sarbojonin puja samiti, a cultural body of Bengali devotees of divine mother.

Navratri is the auspicious time when we have an opportunity to detoxify our body and mind after having undergone long period of worldly affairs. We can remove dirt from over our soul by keeping fast, reciting devi stotras stutis and reading scriptures daily. 

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