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I'm no more me,
can you see?
it's only you now,
only your love,
world can't understand,
magical wand
your flute is,
true is this -
I very much miss,
moments that you shared,
when you cared,
on Yamuna banks,
I forgot to give you thanks,
when raasleelaa was in full swing,
on my finger you put ring,
my mesmerized eyes closed,
overjoyed I told-
oh, my lord i love you,
i adore you,
i wish no spiritual salvation/mukt,
i just wish for true bhakte,
each time i'm born,
each time a new costume is worn,
you always be by my side-
so that life become a joy-ride...!

~ J G M J V S A J

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Tags: Krshhnna, bhakte, flute, gopee, lord, love, magical, mukte, raasaleelaa, ring, More…salvation, spiritual, wand, world, yamuna, yoga


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