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“Peace to the Dhuloka [Heavens], Peace to the Antrekssha [Universe], Peace to the Prthevee [Earth], Peace to the Jala [Water], Peace to the Auushhadhee [Herbal Medicines], Peace to the Vanaspate [Plants], Peace to the Daevataa [Gods/Goddesses/Deity], Peace to the Brhma [ Absolute], Peace to the Sarva [Everything/Everyone], Peace to the Shaante [Peace] and my this Peace may exist forever.”

[Source: Yajurvaeda, Verse Number 36/17]

The following document is the proof for the above-described Peace-Verse:

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Tags: Brhma[Absolute], Deity, Earth, Heaven, HerbalMedicines, Peace, Plants, Universe, Water, Yjurvaeda


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