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Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee as a fellow maanava (human being) and as a spiritual guide appeals to the Israeli Government and Hamas to stop hostilities immediately after reading this peace-blog.

Already more than 600 innocent maanava lives have been lost in the current Gaza offensive mounted by the Israeli government. This includes 600+ Palestinian and 20+ Israeli lives.

Only the Devil has been the real gainer in the current genocide. It was only the Devil who was the real gainer when the Jews were tortured as slaves by the ancient Egyptians until Moses made Jews walk down the path to the freedom...!
The Devil always is thirsty for the blood of maanavas by operating on following three different dimensions
1. The First Dimension
On this level, the Devil works on its own using its own devilish powers. It enters the bodies of chosen maanavas and pollute their hearts and minds causing them to fight with each other.

2. The Second Dimension
On this level, the Devil operates indirectly through devilish entities like the evil spirits without itself coming into the picture directly. The evil spirits can be understood as miniature devils or the representatives of the Devil. They perform the same functions as the Devil itself. They too possess the bodies of chosen maanavas and control their hearts and minds causing them to indulge into internecine military strife, skirmishes, battles and wars.

3. The Third Dimension
On this level, neither the Devil nor its evil spirits do anything all by themselves. The maanava mind itself becomes evil on its own due to various reasons like the unreasonable greed, temptations, anger, hate and other devilish emotions and sentiments. The conditioned free Will is used by maanavas for doing the bad instead of any good to either themselves or others. Thus, the maanavas become unwitting agents of the Devil…!
Both Hamas and the Jewish government must understand these bewildering facts about the true evil nature of the Devil…!
The ongoing blood-shed in the region can’t be stopped merely by the truce being brokered by the Egyptian government or any other noble-intentioned entity until the two warring sides themselves realize the folly of mindless killing of the innocents on both sides…! There has to be a real change of heart…!

How the real change of heart can be brought about?

Numerous methods exist. The yoga is one such extremely powerful effective means to cool down the frayed nerves…!
Leaders of Hamas and Israel must give a try to the Yoga.
Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee is most willing to conduct a joint Yoga camp of 7 days wherein Hamas and Israeli leaders shall be helped to overcome mutual enmity with each other and instead be shown the way to become eternal peaceful friends…!
The joint Yoga camp shall make Hamas start valuing the value of Palestinian lives…! The Israeli leadership shall learn to accord primacy to ensuring survival of each Israeli citizen…!
Meanwhile, Hamas as kind-hearted maanavas must recognize the right of the Jewish nation-State to exist amidst the Muslim-dominated West Asian countries. Simultaneously, Israel as a benevolent country must vacate the occupied Palestinian territories…! These two simple wise steps shall defeat the Devil and bring instant peace both for Israelis and Palestinians…!
It must be understood clearly that neither side can be wiped out completely militarily…! So, the best option would be to transform mutual anger into mutual friendship for eternal mutual peace progress and prosperity…!

The end to the current devilish blood-shedding shall usher in everlasting prosperity. The prospective friendship between Hamas and the Israeli government shall do wonders for the region.

(The blogger, Founder-Member Insaaneyat Party, peace and human rights activist, a political-spiritual thinker, is a writer of several books including ‘The Vasudhiotic World Government And The Great Indian Dream of The Paramatantrataa’)

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