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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at European Parliament

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar gave a keynote-speech on Yoga in the European Parliament on 21 April 2015.

Here is an extract from what Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was talking about:

What is stress? How do we create stress?

The root cause for unhappiness is stress.

We have too much to do in these days – but we have not enough time – and we have not enough energy.


So what can we do about that? In these days it is not really an option to reduce the tasks we have. Also time we cannot increase or change. But what we can to is to increase the energy.

That is where Yoga comes into play.

When you are full of energy you are able to face any challenges, right?


Yoga provides the tools and teachings to live a tension free life.


What is the greatest wealth of a human life?

  • violence-free society
  • disease-free body
  • inhibition-free intellect
  • confusion-free mind
  • trauma-free memory
  • sorrow-free soul


This is the birthright of every human being.


What Yoga does is to put a smile on your face despite all the stress and tensions you are facing.


If you want to see a perfect Yoga teacher then look at a child up to three years. A baby is Yoga.


How does Yoga help you and the world?


The benefits of Yoga are improvement of health and behaviour-change. The way you behave depends on your stress-level, right?

It will increase your creativity and improves your vibration, your presence. It helps you to get a clear, clouded free mind.


Most of the times the mind is clouded with prejudices concerning religion, race, gender, class, education or financial status. And this creates all the conflicts.


Yoga resolves that and makes the mind clear.


Yoga turns your state of mind. Instead of being a victim of your own feelings Yoga makes you independent. Even through simple breathing exercises you can heal the victim inside you and delete old traumas.

As Patanjali wrote: the purpose of Yoga is to stop the misery before it comes. That means to resolve a conflict at its roots.


Yoga also makes you feel more responsible. You can play many roles in your life. You can be a businessman, a householder or a student. But there are two options to play that role, as a yogi with responsibility or as a non-yogi without responsibility.

Yoga nurtures that part in us that takes responsibility for ourselves and others.



Yoga and different belief systems – does it conflict?


It doesn’t. Yoga always encourages diversity and creates harmony. It means unity with all the diverse aspects of life.



After a short guided meditation people could ask questions to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:


Is it possible to harmonise the left and the right part of the brain?

Yes, through alternate nostril breathing.


Do you think that people in this room would take other decisions of they took a yoga class every morning?

Taking a Yoga class every morning would be the first right decision.


How can people get more responsible through Yoga?

When you practise Yoga it creates more energy and enthusiasm inside you. So when you are not tired and stress you will respond to the challenges with a sense of lightness.


How much meditation should one practice to get any benefits.

Thirty to fourty minutes a day are recommended.

You can find the German version of this article in our German Yoga Vidya Online Community

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