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"Any type of Yoga is safe to do so long as such yoga exercise/practice doesn't result into any harm to embryo/foetus...! Any yoga exercise/practice that leads to any kind of physical pressure on embryo/foetus/womb must be avoided fully...Almost all Yogasanas/Praannayaams are likely to cause some kind of physical pressure on embryo/foetus/womb...So, rigorous Yogasanas/Praannayaams of all kinds must be avoided fully...Instead, this time of pregnancy must be devoted to reading Sattvic Spiritual literature by the pregnant mother so as to create Sattvic Sanskaras on the child in the embryo/foetus/womb! Mantras can be chanted in normal comfortable way mentally or through lips by tuning/syncing the chanting with the breath (inhaling/exhaling)!" ~ JGMJVSAJ [FOTO: Courtesy Google]

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Comment by Dr SWAAMEE_APRTEMAANANDAA_JEE on May 18, 2015 at 1:22pm

"SHAVASANA is the only YogaAsana that can be done safely by any pregnant woman. When tired physically, the pregnant woman can lay on any comfortable bed or mat and RELAX completely using the SHAVASANA...! The SHAVASANA doesn't require any rigorous physical movements of the limbs or any other body parts. It is just a physical posture that gives complete relaxation to the mind, body, heart and the soul...!" ~JGMJVSAJ


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