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“Why do the wars take place? Because we the ordinary peaceful citizens extraordinarily abdicate our responsibilities to a handful of our representatives whom we wishfully wish to be better at maintaining the tranquillity than our own selves. But, beneath the veneer of the peaceful faces, these chosen representatives are more often an insecure lot whose main aim is to cling to the political power even if it meant conducting the mindless wars…!
The chosen ones, once firmly in power, try to take the public opinion for a joy-ride. The representatives are vested with the political power to facilitate and promote the peace on the Earth. No wars can take place if the majority of the public decides not to let the war-mongering representatives, handful in numbers, speak on their own behalf on critical issues of the peace and the war.
The war and the resultant destruction happens only because the majority-public has surrendered itself to the power-hungry elitist chosen group of elected/non-elected representatives…!The Yoga-practitioners can help overcome the tendency to use the wars as the final means to solve any confrontations...!”
~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee
(Foto: Courtesy The Google)

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