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We want that deep sensual unconditional luv from our partners

We want that deep sensual unconditional love from our partners...
Posted by Carolyn Schultz OV Visionary

We have a number of soul mates in every lifetime. Some times we are parent and child sometimes we are spouses’, siblings, best friends, or worst enemies...etc... Other times we are strangers searching for the one. When we all feel this connection it is often confused with the love we are looking for in this life. As the divorce rate grows we align ourselves to moving faster thru our mission. We seem to be clearing out our soul contracts and Karma faster to move forward. We have set our divine plan in place before we are conceived and our soul enters our new life form to reach our purpose.

If we move forward and our frequency no longer resonates with them it is time to move on. The ex's are there to move us thru that part of our life and they either move with us or not. If not we no longer feel the responsibility to carry them with us then the relationship will grow apart. The divorce rate just shows us that we are no longer willing to stay complacent, we have to move on.

We want that deep sensual unconditional love from our partners; the kind that involves giving and receiving not just giving and taking. That happens so many times but one can only give so long before they are burnt out.

The hard lessons that we have to learn while on our path are placed there by us. Some can only learn a specific lesson in a certain way. When we do not listen to our guidance and ignore the signs this itself causes the universe to intervene. When this occurs the lesson is hard and often painful in a lot of different ways. Then followed by the words ‘I wish I would have listened to myself’ or ‘I knew that was going to happen and paid no attention’.

We have all different kinds of soul relationships…some friends…relatives…strangers. It is all a matter of learning about our own energy and inner knowledge that helps us to tell the difference. Just because the energy is familiar does not make it positive and if it is unfamiliar does not make it negative. Rely on your senses to tell the difference, learning by trial and error slows down the process. Always trust your inner guidance, if it is a hard lesson you are guided to then that is the way you chose to learn it.

We can put it all into practice by getting in touch with our higher selves and living a positive life. Being grateful to those that are here to help us along our path; when nothing but good comes from us then nothing but good will comes to us.

Be the change you wish to see in the world and our world changes around us to align with our new energies.

In love and light to all,

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