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The word kundalini is derived from the Sanskrit verb root “Kunda” means pit where we put fire. This fire is covered with the ashes around it, that’s why it is not possible for it to burn the impurities of human being. When with the Yogic practices, this fire is uncovered then all the old impressions that are stored with their imprints from thousands years will get burnt and a person becomes completely pure which in yogic terms called as say “awakening”. Normally this energy look like a coiled serpent which is dormant or sleeping. By the certain kriya or sadhana practices this energy could be awakened that practice we call Kundalini Yoga.

kundalini yoga consist of certain specific exercises with mantras, bandhas, mudras and kriyas. All of them are practiced in the certain discipline and there are some code and conduct which needs to be followed by the practitioners.

This kundalini when it awake there are some problems also arises because in our subtle body at 3 places, there exists knots and kundalini hit on them and a person gets some discomfort. They are Brahama granthi, Vishnu granthi and Rudra granthi. That’s why it is advised to practice kundalini yoga with some experienced teachers otherwise some pain may occurs. Kundalini move upwards through Susumna Nadi which is the most powerful nadi of our body. This nadi cannot be seen with the human eyes. It is a part of our subtle body. This is a great science and every human being should learn this. When human being awaken the kundalini Shakti he or she can enjoy life and become happy for ever with the attainment of the state of Bliss.

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