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Which Yoga must the Hollywood Actresses and female Pop-Stars do?
The Hollywood Actresses and popular female Pop-stars are very much conscious of the need for improving and maintaining their glowing face, melodious voice, figure and overall beauty to remain ahead in their own acting and music field. They try everything from the cosmetics to the Yoga.
This brief article is regarding the Yoga in the field of acting.
Many Hollywood Actresses are known to be voracious practitioners of various types of the Yoga that is currently prevalent in the USA. However, their hectic film-shooting schedule and hyper-busy social life makes it difficult for them to devote adequate time on a regular basis to the Yoga-practices in vogue in Hollywood. This results generally in unacceptable erratic Yoga-practising.
Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee has studied minutely the Yoga-needs of the Hollywood Actresses. With over more than a decade of excellent-quality experience in the realm of the Yoga, he has developed a special kind of fully efficient Customised-Yoga for the Hollywood Actresses. He has termed this Yoga the Aprtema Hollywood Actress’ Yoga.
The beauty of this variant of the Yoga is that it takes only fifteen minutes to complete it!

The sequence of the Aprtema Hollywood Actress’ Yoga
1. Rub both the palms with each other. The friction creates warmth. Then massage different parts of the body with both the palms. Use one minute to do this first step.
2. In the next step, perform three Yogasanas (physical postures) (1) Taadaasana (2) Mahaa-bandh (3) Yoneeasana, one after the other interspersed with the rest period of one minute each. For example, do the Taadaasana three-four times in two minutes. Then lay down for one minute on the mat, face up, eyes closed, body completely relaxed in the Shavaasana mode. Follow this up with the Mahaa-bandh. Do the Mahaa-bandh three-four times for two minutes. Then again lay down for one minute on the mat, face up, eyes closed, body completely relaxed in the Shavaasana mode. Finally do the Yoneeasana for one minute followed by the Shavaasana for one minute. Thus, you will complete three Yogasanas within eight minutes.
3. Give one and a half minute to eye-ball and neck exercises five times each in the following sequence: (1) Up-Down vertically 5 times (2) Left-Right horizontally 5 times (3) Upper Left - Down Right diagonally 5 times (4) Upper Right – Down Left diagonally 5 times (5) Upper Left to Upper Right in circular motion 5 times (6) Upper Right to Upper Left in circular motion 5 times. (6) Turn neck left first- bring it back in front - then turn it Right- then bring it back in front. Do this five times (7) Move the head with open eyes in circular motion 5 times from left to right (8) Move the head with open eyes in circular motion 5 times from right to left (9) Close and open your eyelids fast 5 times (10) Finally, shut your eyes tightly and open them 5 times.
4. Finally do the Anuloma-Veloma Praannaayaama for four and a half minute in the Siddhaasana sitting-posture.

Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee’s theory and explanation
(1) The eye-ball and neck exercises make the neck and eyes stronger, beautiful and attractive. The throat becomes clear and the voice melodious.
(2) The Yoneeasana cures all the problems related with the Vagina and the urinary tract.
(3) The Mahaa-bandh (The Great Lock) gives you all benefits that you will receive from the three basic bandhas – Mool-bandh (Root Lock), Uddiyan-bandha (Abdominal Lock) and Jalandhar-bandha (Chin Lock). It energises the Muulaadhara Chakra, the Manipuraka Chakra and the Vishuddhi Chakra. It prevents the occurrence of the diabetes, piles, and etcetera. It leads to anti-ageing, bliss and the feeling of overall general well-being.
(4) The Taadaasana strengthens the muscles of the heart, arms, legs, breast and waist. The stretching caused to arms, legs, breast and waist helps protect the body.

The waist and the breast become charming due to the stretching. It increases the height, eliminates the heaviness of the belly, and keeps the bowels clean. It removes the laziness. It enhances enthusiasm and the agility. In other words, it helps achieve the charming curvaceous figure that is much sought after by the Hollywood actresses and the female Pop-stars!
(5) The Anuloma-Veloma Praannaayaama improves the overall well-being by preventing or eliminating the headache, the cold, the sneezing and the cough. It revitalises the functioning of the heart. It removes the nervousness if any, by calming down the mind and the body. One starts experiencing the refreshing fragrance with the regular practising of this type of the Praannaayaama.
Of course, you may increase the duration of the Aprtema Hollywood Actress’ Yoga from 15 minutes to more time: say 20 minutes, 25 minutes, 30 minutes, and etcetera depending on the time available to you and your personal willingness to devote more time to this type of the Yoga.

You must learn the Mool-bandha, Uddiyan-Bandha and Jalandhar-Bandh first. Then only should you attempt the Mahaa-Bandh.
You can straightaway begin doing the Aprtema Hollywood Actress’ Yoga all by your own self regularly if you have already learnt the basics of the Yoga. If not, learn the basics perfectly from some professionally competent Yoga-trainer first and then only start performing the Aprtema Hollywood Actress’ Yoga on your own!
Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee would WELCOME the holistic frank feedback from the Hollywood Actresses and the female Pop-Stars who would practise the Aprtema Hollywood Actress’ Yoga in their daily lives.
~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee

(fotos: Courtesy Google)

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