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Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee has described in brief the Bharatiya Vaishnava Steady State theory of the origin of the Universe, in an earlier scientific research paper titled “Did the Bharatiya yogis know about the modern theories of origin of the universe?”
However, the erudite and curious readers may wish to know more about this amazing theory. Hence, the present scientific research paper that delves deeper into this wonderful theory.
There are basically following three methods of understanding any given spiritual text:
(1) Read it as a divine text. Treat all characters as the divine being such as the Gods, Goddesses, etc. This approach is used generally by either the fully devoted followers or the persons below the average intelligence level.
(2) Read it as a mythology or work of the fiction. Treat the characters in the texts as being merely some imaginary beings woven into the imaginative story. This approach is used generally by either the educated people not possessing a scientifically trained mind or persons having an average intelligence level.
(3) Read it as a rich source of scientific information presented in the coded form of characters and the associated narration. This approach is used generally by either the educated people who possess a scientifically trained mind or the persons above the average intelligence level.
Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee has followed the third – scientific approach while dealing with the characters and information given in the lesson number two whose title translates in the English language as “The character sketches of the illuminated Gods and Goddesses born from the eternal Shrikrishna and Shriraadhaa”, in the Skndha-9 or the Part-9 (page numbers 633-642), of the ancient Bharatiya spiritual text named ShrimadDevibhagwata, published by the Gita Press, Gorakhpur, in the 19th reprint in the year 2010.
The lesson number two stated above actually describes and explains the origin of the Universe through the story of Krishna, Raadhaa and other characters who actually represent various processes and stages of its origin.
Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee’s scientific theory and explanation
According to the Bharatiya Vaishnava Steady State theory of origin, there are seven eternal elements: Aatmaa or Soul, Aakaash or Sky, Kaal or Time, Deeshaa or Direction, Vishwagolaka/Brhmaandagolaka or World Spatial Circle/sphere, Golokadhaama or Divine centre of divine light/Abode of Krishna, and Prkrte or Nature.
The Golokadhaama contains within it another sphere called Vaikunthadhaama.
In the beginning, there was only one Supreme Being or the Supreme Matter that was in a state of invisibility and static form. This Supreme Being suddenly materialised itself and became visible in the form of the Supreme Matter spoken of figuratively as a young lad aged 16 years.
On being prodded by the element called the Time, the visible Supreme Matter/lad divided itself into two parts: the left part became female (Raadhaa) and the right part male (Krishna).
These two parts of the Supreme Matter fused, interacted or copulated continuously with each other in the manner that a male and female have coitus with each other for nearly one day (8,64,00,00,000 years) of the Brhmaa.
Once the copulation was over, the sweat flowed down from the shareer of Raadhaa or the female part and formed the Brhmaandagolaka or World Spatial Circle/sphere.
The sweat-water can be decoded as the Spatial Electromagnetism prevalent in the whole world. It is the Spatial Electromagnetic realm that only holds together the whole world.
The female part called Raadhaa remained pregnant for 100 manvantars (30, 67, 20, 00,000 years). The pregnancy can be decoded as the period during which the elements/things absorbed from the male part by the female part evolved within her own self/womb.
Raadhaa gave birth to a golden egg whom she put into unfathomable waters of the Brhmaandagolaka or World Spatial Circle/sphere.
The unfathomable waters can be decoded as the Spatial Electromagnetism of the Brhmaandagolaka or World Spatial Circle/sphere.
The golden child can be decoded as the Super Universe.
The egg-shaped golden child/Super Universe remained in the waters/Spatial Electromagnetic realm of the Brhmaandagolaka or World Spatial Circle/sphere for nearly one life time of Brhmaa (31,10,40,00,00,00,000 years) after which it got divided into two parts: (1) inactive Egg-shaped golden part (2) active part/child or Macro Universe.
The inactive Egg-shaped golden part can be decoded as the halved Super Universe which lay adjacent to our active Macro Universe and remains dormant.
The active part/child known as Mahaaveraat/ MahaaVishhnnu is the total active material world. This can be called the Macro Universe.
Krishna ordered the golden child/Macro Universe to stay put ‘for a very long time.’ The use of the words ‘for a very long time’ means Macro Universe isn’t a permanent feature and may be destroyed at some point of time in extremely distant future!
The child has infinite universes in his each pore. The pore can be decoded as the Meso Universe.
Each Meso Universe has infinite number of Micro Universes.
Our own Milky Way galaxy is situated in one of the several existing Universes.
Each Micro Universe is destroyed after some time and a new Micro Universe is then born.
The present scientific research paper attempts only a broad decoding of main characters and events. However, there is ample scope for further scientific-decoding of the lesson number two.
~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee

(fotos: Courtesy The Gita Press Gorakhpur, The Google)




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