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ब्रह्मपुच्छ क्या है? ( What is the Brhmpuchh?)

In an earlier spiritual research-paper titled “What is the PanchKosh-liberation Theory of Achieving Spiritual Lib... Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee explored the concept of PanchKosh-liberation theory of spiritual liberation. However, the concept of Brhmpuchh stated there needs further amplification to comprehend it properly and fully.
The word Brhmpuchh (ब्रह्मपुच्छ) has two roots: Brhm and Puchh. The root Brhm (ब्रह्म) here is used in the sense of Purnn Brhm, the Ultimate-Reality or Supreme Consciousness and Puchh (पुच्छ) the tail. The word Naetee (नेति) means further. We must know Brhm has three ascending levels: Brhm (simple), PaarBrhm; and Purnn Brhm.
The very mention of the root Puchh (पुच्छ) which means the tail creates a logical doubt. One begins asking: is Supreme Consciousness some creature just like other creatures in this universe? It is so because creatures such as animals on this planet Earth have tails.
In other words, is Supreme Consciousness or the Ultimate Reality, that spiritual-seekers finally achieve, an animal? Is it a roaring Lion from Sunderban-delta? A barking Dog? A croaking frog? A meowing Buffalo or Cow? A trumping Elephant from Assam? A tall-necked Giraffe from Africa? A striped Zebra? A jumping Kangaroo from Australia? Alternatively, an altogether some strange animal of whom we have never heard of?

Essentially, the question is does the Ultimate Reality have form of some sort?

In the said article, Goddess Bhuvaneshwari is quoted, “जिस समय सूक्ष्म,स्थूल और कारण – ये तीनों उपाधियाँ समाप्त हो जाती हैं , उस समय केवल ‘परमात्मा’ ही रह जाता है। तीनों देहों के भीतर पंचकोष सदा स्थित रहते हैं । पंचकोष का परित्याग करने पर ब्रह्मपुच्छ की उपलब्धि होती है। ब्रह्मपुच्छ मेरे उस रूप को कहते हैं, जिसका परिचय देते समय श्रुतियाँ ‘नेति-नेति’ कह कर रह जाती हैं...’

The lines in Hindi quoted above approximately translate into English language as, “When Physical (Sthool स्थूल), Ethereal (Sookshm सूक्ष्म), and Causal (Kaarann कारण) – these three forms or shareers (bodies) cease to exist, that time only Supreme Consciousness (Parmaatma परमात्मा) remains in existence. The five-layers (PanchKosh पंचकोष) always exist in three shareers. Upon parting with these Koshas one attains Ultimate Reality’s tail (Brhmpuchh ब्रह्मपुच्छ). Brhmpuchh is my ultimate form while describing which the Shrutees become mum after declaring, “Further (Naetee नेति) Further (Naetee नेति)…”

Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee’s Paranormal Scientific Theory and Explanation

Well, we must bear in mind the root Puchh (पुच्छ) or the tail has been used in a figurative or mystic sense only. It is used to state the point of entry into the highest, finest, refinest of all spiritual realms where there is ultimately no more to realize and which is the ultimate resting place for soul-element.
This point of entry is compared to our worldly animals’ tail.
True, the comparison is not 100% exact. Yet, we can say tail of an animal is the nearest part to us (although in the sense of being easily approachable compared to any other parts of tailed-animals). So is the Brhmpuchh the nearest part to spiritual-seeker.
In other words, it is that final level of frequency after transmission to which through spiritual-practices such as Yoga, the soul-element comes into relatively permanent state of static blissful eternal peaceful existence. It is no more required to descend to lower spiritual realms or our physical world.
To gain quote from the said research-paper, “The Supreme Consciousness unlike PanchKosh has no definite boundary. It is boundless and endless. There is no final destination in sight here. That is why even Shrutees say that one can go on further and further…and there is no end to it!”
After gaining entry into the Brhmpuchh, the soul-element enters into and becomes an inseparable part of the vast ocean of ultimate spiritual light. In other words, it has achieved self-realisation, also called self-enlightenment. The self-realisation is what a true spiritual-seeker seeks…!
Finally, one must keep in mind the fact that the Goddess Bhuvaneshwari herself has come from the Ultimate-Reality like any other Maanav-soul and shall merge into it some time. It is only correct for herself to describe the vast ocean of ultimate light as being her own self whom she describes as Supreme Consciousness (Parmaatma परमात्मा). Therefore, In this mystic sense, even any Maanav can describe this Ultimate-Reality as their own and thereby claim their own selves to be Brhm or Supreme Consciousness (Parmaatma परमात्मा). That is why mystics have declared Maanav-soul to be God in potential or seed form…!

~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee

( Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee's Yoga-Secrets-Revealed Series - 63)

(Fotos: Courtesy of Nidhi Parmar, Gita Press Gorakhpur)
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