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We all take a bath daily without thinking much about it. We take it for granted that all is well merely by performing the daily ritual called the Bath. No matter how we do it.
However, the simple act of taking a bath turns into a health science when we perform it properly.
Most of us simply pour water onto our head and the body. Then apply shampoo or soap to the hair on the head followed by rubbing the soap to other parts of the body. This is followed by again pouring the water on the head and other body parts to clean out the dirt along with the soap traces.
Finally, we wipe off the head and the body with a towel. Thus, the daily ritual of the bathing is over.
The type of the water used, the kind of the soap or the shampoo applied or the towel used may vary from individual to individual. But, the general bathing ritual given above remains almost the same everywhere in the world.
Scientifically speaking, most of us aren’t aware of the scientific bathing ritual that has been known to the Yoga-practitioners and the Ayurveda-practitioners for centuries.

Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee’s theory and explanation of the scientific process
The scientific process involves acclimatising the body parts before pouring plentiful of water on one’s own head and the other limbs.
Following is the scientific process of taking the bath:
(1) Stir the water in the bucket or the tub softly with your both hands either simultaneously or turn by turn.
(2) Rub some water softly on your arms. Then softly on other parts such as the hands, legs, chest, etcetera and finally the head. The process resembles the massaging of the body as is done in massage parlours. This may be called the Water Massaging Ritual.
(3) Apply shampoo or soap to the head.
(4) Apply shampoo or the soap to the beard if you happen to be a male.
(5) Apply soap to the arm-pits.
(6) Apply soap to other remaining parts of the body.
(7) Scrub your body parts with your hands or sponge.
(8) Pour water generously on your head and other limbs as much as you are comfortable with and like to do.
(9) Finally, wipe off your head and whole body with a good-quality towel or piece of cloth.
How the scientific process works?
The temperature of our body and the bathing water is not the same when we decide to take a bath. The sudden contact of our body parts with the water having different temperature during the bathing process causes the Temperature Disruption.
The temperature disruption may cause havoc to the health of the skin which is ill-prepared to accept the sudden contact with a different level of temperature. This in turn may lead to many serious skin diseases and other ailments.
Therefore, the human skin is first given a feel of the different temperature of the bathing water by stirring the bathing water softly with the hands in the Water Massaging Ritual.
The Water Massaging Ritual helps in making the human skin accept or tolerate the water that may have a different level of temperature. This acclimatisation in turn keeps the skin healthy and erases the scope for any diseases that would otherwise have been caused by the temperature disruption.
~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee

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