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The ultimate aim of the yoga-practitioners is the achievement of the spiritual liberation. That is to say the submergence of the individual consciousness or the Soul/God particle into the Supreme Consciousness.
But, when does the Maanav soul get liberated by practising the fine spirituality known as the Yoga?
The Goddess Shree Daevee says in the chapter thirty-five, Skndha or Part-Seven of the ShreemadDaeveeBhaagwat, one of the eighteen Puraanns,”…This Maanav-Shareer (according to the PEND-BRHMAAND analogy) made of five elements is called the WORLD. On being freed from the TAEJ (energy) of the Moon, Sun and Fire (with the practise of the Yoga in EDDAA-PENGLAA-SUSHUMNNAA), the union of the JEEV-BRHM happens.”
The Snskrt word PEND means the Maanav-Shareer and BRHMAAND means the Universe.
The Maanav-Shareer is called the WORLD because it is an exact replica/model of the Mini-Universe whom we call 'the WORLD' in which we all live.
The Snskrt word JEEV means the SOUL or the individual consciousness and BRHM means the ALMIGHTY/GOD or the Supreme Consciousness.

Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee’s scientific theory and explanation
There are three different routes or roads available for raising the individual consciousness in the Maanav-Shareer. These are EDDAA, PENGLAA, and SUSHUMNNAA naaddees (spiritual veins).
The EDDAA on the left is the shortest of the three routes.
The PENGLAA on the right is shorter than the SUSHUMNNAA.
The SUSHUMNNAA in the middle is the longest of the three routes and is the only spiritual vein that leads to the BRHM-RNDHR (aperture leading to the Almighty) in the Maanav-head/skull. It is for this reason that the famous Sufi mystics have called it the SHAH-RAG or the EMPEROR-VEIN, also!
All the three spiritual veins mentioned above carry the TAEJ or energy.
When the Yoga-practitioner raise their own individual spiritual consciousness then they essentially perform some kind of action which obviously involves use of the energy.
The PRKRTE or Nature is the DYNAMIC element and the BRHM or Almighty is the STATIC part.
So long as the Soul or the God-particle remains within the realm of the PRKRTE, it is carrying the energy. So long as it carries the energy, it is still within the realm of the Nature.
To submerge into the Supreme consciousness, the God-particle has to break free from the energy field of the Nature.
To give a similar (not exact) example, a satellite launch vehicle carrying a satellite breaks free of the Earth’s gravitational force finally when the final stage-booster rocket pushes it into the Earth’s upper atmosphere and falls down after detaching from the satellite launch vehicle.
After reaching the top-most level of the Consciousness-realm via the SUSHUMNNAA, the soul or the God-particle is freed from the energy of the Nature. In other words, the energy in the EDDAA-PENGLAA-SUSHUMNNAA spiritual veins cease to exist.
At this point or stage of the spiritual ascendance, the individual consciousness or the God-particle submerges into the Supreme Consciousness and consequently becomes RELATIVELY static forever.
~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee
(Fotos/Drawings: Courtesy The Google, The Gita Press Gorakhpur)

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