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Why does a feeling of peace envelop us when we are amidst nature? Why does a mere look at buzzing butterflies and fresh dancing flowers make our hearts glow with joy? Why does a snow-clad mountain peak brighten up our soul? In short, why does any scenery have so much profound soothing effect on our minds, hearts and souls?
The plant and animal kingdoms co-exist in perfect balance with each other in nature’s scheme of ecological cycle. Nature is in a perfect harmony by its very nature. Nature quickly returns to normalization even after every upheaval like an avalanche, tornado, hurricane, earthquake or volcanic disruption, etc. So, we witness an amazing presence of unparalleled, unexcelled and unheard of serenity in the natural surroundings.
We modern maanavas [human beings] live in an age that is clearly superfast. We hardly have any time for our own selves. Right from waking up in refreshing morning to retiring into tiring night every day, we are preoccupied with our daily mad rush. This maddening rush takes many hues and shapes. Almost each one is an overdrive to accomplish one’s chosen materialistic desires, needs, ambitions and goals.
The mad scramble creates a conflict between scarce personal, societal resources and the individual, leading to disharmony within the individual itself and also amongst different components of a given society.
For example, you may be aspiring to buy a house. But, you find that your salary is hardly sufficient enough to allow you to book a flat, since you can’t even make the first down payment, leave alone paying any EMIs [equal monthly instalments]. And here is your nagging spouse who constantly is breathing on your neck deploring the fact the neighbor has moved into their own flat, whereas you are still living in a congested rented two-room flat. Result is mental disturbance.
Take the case of a company executive who is under continuous tremendous pressure from the boss to push the sales higher up if the executive wishes to see a salary-raise, bonus and or retention in the company. The executive may have nightmares trying to push the sales up in an over-tight market in the face of stub-born competition and economic slow-down…! Quite naturally, such an over-burdened executive shall come to have feelings of mental tension.
Take another example where both spouses are software engineers and working in an IT Firm. Each one is busy with one’s own office life. Working in a 7x24 environment hardly leaves them any extra time to meet even their simplest marital obligations like taking care of each other. This may cause marital tension, discord and disharmony leading to even short-lived marriages.
What is the way out then for people overpowered by feelings of frustration, helplessness, anguish and other mental-tension-causing factors?
There are many ways. One of the best ways is to take some quality-time out for your own self from your tight daily routine and move into the comforting arms of nature, alone or with your spouse, family members and friends. Hence, go on a trip to some mountains and hills, a safari through forests, cruising on the high seas and so on…!
Nature’s relative calm has a definite positivity about it besides the placebo effect. This natural positivity gets transmitted to your being the moment you are in its company. Also, with the hustle-bustle of modern life left behind, your mind gets removed far away from your daily-life tensions. The sum effect of all this is that you are physically reinvigorated in the fresh natural air. Your mind is filled up with renewed positive thoughts and energy. Needless to say, your soul too rediscovers itself, wholly pleased.
Even looking at the paintings, pictures and photos of nature also has a distressing effect on the mind and heart.
So, the next time when you feel down with feelings of depression, anguish, helplessness, pain, etc then do look at any refreshing serene scenery if you are not in a position to retire for a while in the charming golden refreshing arms of Nature....your heart will have become peaceful...!

~ J G M J V S A J

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