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Most of us often remain confused as to which spot in the entire world is the best one where conducting various spiritual rituals such as a Hom or Havana and offering of the payers to the Almighty, God or deities shall deliver the desired result or positive benefits to the worshipper!
Various spiritual texts and saints have propounded their own theories on the topic under discussion.
For example, Jesus, the beloved son of the Heavenly father, advised the faithful to pray to the divine father in a silent secluded place away from the sight of fellow Maanavas.
The ShevPuraann, the ancient sacred spiritual text from the Bhaarat, has described eleven categories of places where the faithful can conduct spiritual rituals or offer prayers in order to accomplish the desired objectives.
It declares emphatically that differential quantum of results occur at different places, both vertically and horizontally with reference to the spiritual seeker’s own house.
It takes the unit of the occurrence of the desired results at the worshipper’s own house as ‘one’ or 1 unit.
Then it goes on describing the differential quantum of the results at different places as follows:
(1) Ten or 10 units inside the Cow- shed.
(2) One hundred or 100 units near the water body or pool.
(3) One thousand or 1000 units near the roots of the BAEL, TULSEE and PEEPAL trees.
(4) Ten thousand or 10000 units inside the temple.
(5) One lakh or 100000 units near the peripheral area of a spiritual or holy pilgrimage-place.
(6) Ten lakh, one million or 1000000 units at the bank of an ordinary river.
(7) One hundred lakh, One crore or ten million or 10000000 at the bank of a spiritually significant river such as the Saptganga or the group of seven rivers – Ganga, Godavari, Kaveri, Tamrpaanni, Sindhu, Saryu, and Narmada.
(8) Ten Crore, one hundred million or 100000000 units at a sea-coast/beach or near an ocean/sea.
(9) One hundred crore, one Arab, ten billion or 1000000000 units on mountain/hill-top.
(10) Infinite units where the Mana/mind of the Maanav gets instantly focused.

Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee’s scientific theory and explanation
The differential quantities of results achieved at different places of worship or ritual with an increasing distance from the spiritual-seeker’s own house, horizontally or vertically, are a result of certain general scientific reasons as given below:
(1) The relative purity of the natural physical environment around goes on increasing as one moves away from one’s own house, horizontally or vertically. This enhanced purity causes decreased dissipation of the BioElectroMagnetic (BEM) energy from the worshipper’s own shareer or those conducting the ritual. This translates into availability of greater BEM energy during the worship or ritual process which helps into creation of more quantum of the desired result.
(2) The chances of the worship/ritual-spot’s BioElectroMagnetic (BEM) energy being disturbed go on diminishing with an increasing distance from the spiritual-seeker’s house.
For example, ample chances exist of other members of the family or neighbours disturbing the BioElectroMagnetic (BEM) energy field of the worship/ritual-spot knowingly or unknowingly by coming to the spot of the worship or the location if the worship or ritual is conducted at the spiritual-seeker’s own house. This leads to the break-up and scattering of the spot’s BEM energy and hence causes the consequent little or no benefit at all.
(3) Generally speaking, the disturbing perceptible audible noise level goes on decreasing with increasing distance from the spiritual-seeker’s own house.
Most Maanavas aren’t good at focusing in the physically and socially disturbing environments. The reduced focus yields the desired goal in lower quantum.
Whereas in a far away and secluded place on a hill top, there are almost nil or no chance of any such disturbance. Consequently, it yields greater quantum of the desired result from the worship or ritual done there.
That’s precisely why the Bhaaratiya Yogis and other spiritual seekers in the past used to head to the secluded silent caves of the majestic lofty Himalayas!
(4) The places where worship has been offered or the spiritual-ritual conducted earlier or is being done currently by other spiritual-seekers or holy people, have over the years and centuries come to possess a huge cumulative BioElectroMagnetic (BEM) energy field. The pre-existence of such a huge reservoir of the BioElectroMagnetic (BEM) energy helps the spiritual seeker generate greater BioElectroMagnetic (BEM) energy easily and that means the easier achievement of the desired wishes.
For example, the temples are a greater storehouse of the BioElectroMagnetic (BEM) energy than the spiritual-seeker’s own house.
This phenomenon has given rise to the existence of numerous SIDDH-STHLS around the world in different geographies.
The Snskrt word SIDDH means the PERFECT and the word STHL means the PLACE/SPOT.
The pre-existence of the huge BioElectroMagnetic (BEM) energy field at the SIDDH-STHLS makes it relatively easier to obtain the NEAR or PERFECT RESULTS by conducting the worship or ritual at any of such SIDDH-STHLS!
(5) A relatively statistically very minute and insignificant number of the worshippers or ritual-conductors aren’t disturbed and distracted at all anywhere in the world, be it their own house or any other place. Consequently, they are able to focus fully on the given spiritual task at hand irrespective of their geographical or social settings.
Quite naturally then, such fully focused spiritual-seekers are able to achieve desires results even while offering their own worship or conducting their own spiritual rituals at their own homes! They are able to achieve successfully the infinite quantum of the spiritual/ritual-benefits.
Further research is needed to understand fully the topic dealt with in the present brief scientific paper.
~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee

(Fotos: Courtesy The Google, The Gita Press Gorakhpur, Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee)


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