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We all Yoga-lovers love performing various Yogasanas (physical postures) and Praannaayaamas (breathing exercises). But, are we aware as to which one must be done first and why – the Yogasanas (physical postures) or the Praannaayaamas (breathing exercises)?
We must first of all do the Yogasanas (physical postures) and only then the Praannaayaamas (breathing exercises).
The factual reality and the factual truth is that the Yogasanas (physical postures) remove the energy-blockages that happen to be present in the body. Once, these blockages are removed then the Praannaayaamas (breathing exercises) become smooth and effortless.
No doubt, one can do the Praannaayaamas (breathing exercises) first and then the Yogasanas (physical postures). But, this is not advisable to do because doing so puts enormous stress and strain on the whole body.
The yoga-practitioner may feel heaviness in the head and other limbs including the shin, arms and legs. There is erratic and inefficient inflow and outflow of the life-giving praannas (air) because the energy-blockages create restriction in their free flow.
The net result is that the Yoga-practitioner may end up feeling uneasy, little bit tired, stale or unhappy which isn’t exactly the purpose of the Yoga Exercises.
The whole idea and the express purpose of the Yoga Exercise is to make the Yoga-practitioner feel refreshed by rejuvenating the heart, mind, body and soul which is accomplished suitably and more efficiently by performing the Yogasanas (physical postures) followed by the Praannaayaamas (breathing exercises)!
~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee

( Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee's Yoga-Secrets-Revealed Series - 5 )

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