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Most of us are well aware of the commonly oft-given advice that the drinking of the Tea is not good for the health. Nevertheless, is there any type of the Tea that does not lead to the harm to the shareer since millions and billions of us Maanavas in different parts of the world are unable to give up the habit of drinking the Tea?
The various reasons cited for the advice against drinking the Tea include such as the presence of the harmful caffeine in the Tea leafs that may damage the proper functioning of the shareer and the decay of the teeth.
Some scientists claim that the combination of the sugar and the milk added to the Tea-Brew leads to the unhealthy effects.
The presence of the sweet element invites bacteria of various types to makes caves called CAVITIES deep inside the teeth and finally destroy them. This often proves economically costly in terms of the Root-Canal treatment done to save such damaged teeth by the dentist.
The commonly prepared Tea-Brew consists of a boiled combination of the Tea leafs/dust, sugar, water and milk in various quantities. The harms discussed so far pertain to this type of the common Tea only.
However, the Herbal Tea-Brew does not cause any perceptible and serious damage to the teeth.

Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee’s scientific theory and explanation
It is true that the common Tea-Brew does cause the damages to the teeth and the shareer for the reasons already described above.
In addition, the addiction to or the drinking too much of this type of the Tea may harm the brain and its cells/nerves that in turn may lead to the persisting uneasy feelings of the fatigue and dryness in the skull/head. Further, it may cause the disorientation, distraction, lessened focus and reduced productivity.
The drinking of the Herbal Tea-Brew in reasonable quantity fully avoids the harms discussed so far.
The Herbal Tea-Brew typically consists of the boiled combination of the crushed/mashed form or powder of the cardamom, clove, and dry/wet ginger plus the black pepper in addition to the Tea leafs/dust, sugar, water and milk in various quantities.
The lovers of the Herbal Tea-Brew popularly call it the MASAALAA CHAI (मसाला चाय) or the SPICY TEA, also.
The medicinal properties of the cardamom, clove, dry/wet ginger and the black pepper present in the Herbal Tea-Brew protect both the gums and the teeth besides leading to the healthy ameliorating effect on the shareer and the mind. The black pepper leads to the enhanced and better digestive process.
Some people add turmeric nods/powder also to the Herbal Tea-Brew to get the benefit of the anti-septic properties of the turmeric. The presence of the turmeric in the Tea-Brew helps cure internal injuries such as that caused by ulcers, or lesions in the intestines or other parts of the shareer.
A few years ago, a habitual drinker of the common Tea-Brew continued drinking this common type without cleaning his teeth with the water after such a sip for nearly two months after which he lost his one tooth. Thereafter, he ensured to clean his teeth with the water each time he had a cup of the common Tea-Brew. His teeth remained intact.
However, a few years later, he again got into the habit of not cleaning his teeth with the normal water (at normal temperature) after drinking the common Tea-Brew. Again, he lost teeth, this time around two teeth due to the aggravated bacterial activity inside the teeth-caves.
Nevertheless, when he started drinking the Herbal Tea-Brew then he was pleasantly surprised to notice that his all teeth were intact even when he forgot to clean his teeth with the water after drinking a cup of the Tea-Brew!
This happened primarily due to the protective medicinal properties of the following ingredients present in the Herbal Tea-Brew - cardamom, clove, dry/wet ginger and the black pepper.

THE NOTE: More and further scientific research may help understand fully and beyond doubt, the comprehensive healthy medicinal effects of the Herbal Tea-Brew discussed in the present scientific research paper.
~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee
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