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WHO IS GOVIND...............?

‘Govend/Govendaa’ is one of the numerous names of my beloved Kaanhaaa,...! The meaning of the words ‘Govend’ and ‘Govendaa’ is the same just as the meaning of the words ‘Parmaatm’ and ‘Parmaatmaa’ is same..!

The word ‘GOVEND’ is made up of two roots: ‘GO’ and ‘VEND.’ The root ‘GO’ has two meanings: ‘COW’ and ‘RAY OF LIGHT’’. The root ‘VEND’ means ‘the CIRCULAR BODY/SOURCE OF SUPREME LIGHT.’
The word ‘ARVEND’ has two roots: AR [pointed tip like ray] and VEND [the CIRCULAR BODY/SOURCE OF SUPREME LIGHT].’ ARVEND is one of the many names of the SUURYA [SUN]. Many pictures of the SUN show the pointed tip like rays coming from the Sun. These rays each have a base as a chord on two points of the circular body of the Sun with the acute-angle rays from both ends of the chord coming outwards and meeting each other to form the tip of this triangle.
The phrase ‘SAHASTRAAR CHAKRA’ means the CHAKRA [Crown Lotus] having SAHASTRAAR petals. The word SAHASTRAAR has two roots: SAHASTRA [thousand] and AR [pointed tip like ray].
The word ‘MUKHAARVEND’ has two roots: MUKHA [mouth] and ARVEND [the Sun]. Many a time in the Hindi language, we say to praise some one’s comment by saying, “Aapkae mukhaarvenda Sae sun kar achhaa lagaa” [It was pleasant to hear the comment from your Sun-like mouth]. Here, the Sun is taken to be one who brings cheers through its bright rays all around us.
If you take ‘COW’ to be the meaning of ‘GO’, ‘GOVEND’ would mean ‘the SOURCE/SUPREME LIGHT FROM WHERE THE COWS HAVE COME or the SUPREME SOURCE OF LIGHT THAT TAKES CARE OF COWS.’ This later meaning is the meaning nearly each of us associate with Gopal or GOVEND/GOVINDA, our beloved Kaanhaa. Numerous beautiful pictures show Govend/Gopal [Kaanhaa] palying on flute with cows grazing nearby.
We all beings are the RAYS/BEINGS OF LIGHT having emanated from the same eternal source of Supreme Light/Being/Consciousness. Our beloved GOVEND is ‘the one WHO IS THE SOURCE/SUPREME LIGHT.’ Spiritually, the word ‘GOVEND’ means ‘the one WHO is the SOURCE/SUPREME LIGHT FROM WHICH WE ALLTHE RAYS/BEINGS OF LIGHT HAVE COME.’
GOVEND represents the Supreme Consciousness both as the Supreme Source of Light and as a human being. On the Supreme level, GOVEND is the Supreme Consciousness from where we all individual Consciousness have come…! On earthly level, GOVEND as a human being tends cows so tenderly…!
For Govend to be able to take care of us, we must raise our level of individual consciousness to the level of Supreme Consciousness. This needs the purity of words, thoughts and deeds aided suitably by various types of Yoga.

~ J G M J V S A J

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