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Who is your best doctor?
Try answering this. Chances are that you will start remembering all the names of all the specialists that you have gone to for different medical treatments. You may find it hard to zero in on any particular doctor as the best. You may protest – how a dietician can be compared with a gynaecologist, since their fields of specialization are so poles apart and so on.
Is it difficult to give an accurate answer to this seemingly very simple question? Not really…!
Then how to decide who your best doctor is. Surprisingly, you don’t have to look anywhere else except your own self. Your best doctor is none other than your own sweet keen-observing self…!
Long back, I had twitted many tweets on my twitter account somewhat like this that ‘You are your own best doctor because you’re the best observer of your own body…Your body remains with you all the 24 hours…You just observe your own body for 7-15 days and you will be able to find out what is suitable for it…’
If you keenly observe your own body for 7-15 days, you will be able to find out which foods are suited best to it and which are not.
For example, in 1990s, I had been operated upon for some illness after which I had to be readmitted to another private nursing home where the owner cum surgeon Doctor Changede gave me the most surprising medical advice that no one had apparently given to me. I asked him whether I should eat certain fruits or not because some well-meaning friends had told me not to eat them, especially after having undergone a medical operation.
Dr Changede had simply said, “Forget about all these advice by doctors. You yourself see which fruits get easily digested by your body system. Keep a watch on your own body. Try out different fruits and foods for 7-15 days. You yourself shall be able to find out after 7-15 days as to which fruits and foods are best for your health…”
True! A doctor, nurse or other paramedical person is generally not with you for 24 hours continuously to keep a watch on you the patient. In addition, the other human being even if a doctor may very often be unable to know exactly what is going on inside your body system or which foods/drinks are best digested by your stomach.
Only you yourself know perfectly well as to what you are comfortable with and what you are not comfortable with!
I followed his advice sincerely and found a large element of wisdom therein. For instance, drinking the tea is considered bad for health. The milk is considered to be the best healthy food. I tried both these separately for 7-10 days. Contrary to the traditional wisdom, I found milk unsuitable for my well-being, since it created gastric problems. Whereas, adding a little bit of ginger, cloves, cardamom and sugar for taste to the milk; then boiling it thereby turning it into tea and drinking the same increased my health and physical well-being…!
Now, I go almost by my own observation of my own body for a few days as to what to eat or drink and what not to eat or drink.
Each individual is unique with unique sets of medical and other problems in one’s own life. The particular remedy useful to a particular person may not be found useful in the case of the other individual. For example, eating almonds may improve the well-being of one specific individual, but may cause medical problem for the other individual.
We must avoid over-generalizations and over-simplifications of our specific problems. More importantly, we must avoid the temptation of throwing up or accepting the over-generalized and over-simplified solutions to our medical and other problems.
For example, let us take the definition of normal weight or obesity. Medical experts define a person under a certain weight to be underweight and a person above certain weight as being overweight. Generally, both being underweight or overweight is considered to be a sign of ill-health. Believe me or not, your weight is perfectly normal and healthy for your health if your weight isn’t giving you any problems at all irrespective of whether you are underweight or overweight as per the prescribed medical norms!
Never be swayed immediately by the expert advice [whether free of cost or priced] of friends, experts, Masters, Guruus or the research being quoted in the media almost on the round the clock basis. Of course, this includes the opinions expressed by me in this present article, too! Don’t believe in my opinions blindly.
You will certainly do well to do some amount of personal exploration to find out the best answers to your own specific problem, be it medical, spiritual, social, economic, financial, etc. This is not to deny the usefulness of the expert medical advice.
The whole point is: There is no best substitute to your own personal experience. The primacy must be given to the results of the self-observation that you have concluded by observing your own body. Only after having accorded primacy to your own self-observation should you seek and go by the truly true medical/expert advice of the really true experts.

~ J G M J V S A J

Too many experts spoil the broth

Vinita Dawra Nangia

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