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It is really curious as to why the closing of the either nostril cures any person of a disease!
The yogis have known it for long that the closing of the either nostril cures the person of the disease.
For example, the nerve-pain or the pain of any other kind being felt in the chest/bosom, back or the side of the Maanava body vanishes in 2-5 minutes, generally speaking, on closing that nostril for 2-5 minutes through which the breathing process is taking place at the time of the said pain. This closed nostril may be called the Breathing-Nostril.
The Nostril-Closing Yogic technique helps cure even the dreadful Asthma, bronchitis or any other respiratory problems. The individual suffering from the Asthma has to simply close the Breathing-Nostril for 10-15 minutes and the bout of the Asthmatic pain either subsides or vanishes completely!
The more number of times the closing of the Breathing-Nostril is done daily by the Asthma patient the faster the process of curing happens.
The Asthma patient is completely cured of the Asthma in a month’s time if the Breathing-Nostril is closed daily as described here.
What is more wonderful is that the Asthma patient isn’t required to take any allopathic, Ayurvedic or any other pills and medicines during this entire healing process of one month’s duration! This is something unbelievable for any Asthma patient from Europe or the Western countries which trust in the Allopath more than the Yoga!
The Nostril-Closing Yogic technique helps cure several other problems such as the fever, abscess, boils or the wounds. The Breathing-Nostril must be kept closed for as long as or as many days as the pain or the problem does not stop completely.
The great famous, well-known, revered and learned wise Bharatiya saint Preevrajakaachaarya Paramahansaa ShreematSwaamee Negmaananda Jee Saraswatee has written about the effectiveness of the Nostril-Closing Yogic technique, in an article in a book titled “Yogaanka”, GPPN 616, and ISBN 81-293-0048-6, published by highly respected Gita Press Gorakhpur in the twentieth century, too.

Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee’s theory and explanation
It is well-known that the medical surgeons use the localised anaesthesia to carry out surgical operations on any body part of the patient. The localised anaesthesia makes the patient feel no pain at all in the body part being operated.

The strong steroids or the pain-killer medicines are used to relieve the patient of unbearable pain.
The localised anaesthesia and the steroids or the pain-killer medicines mainly numb the pain-receiving centres of the brain into thinking falsely that the pain doesn’t exist in the body part responsible for giving the painful feelings.
The Nostril-Closing Yogic technique disrupts the breathing process present at the time of detection of the pain or the medical problem.
The abrupt disruption disrupts or breaks the existing breathing pattern which had previously been assisting in or creating the condition that caused the existing pain or the problem.
The disruption corrects the functioning of the body parts. It removes the pain or the problem-causing obstructions existing in the veins or any other body part.
The abrupt breaking of the breathing pattern kills the germs, bacteria and overcomes the harmful virus by denying them the conducive environment for their own germination and further growth as in the case of the patient suffering from Asthma, who use the Nostril-Closing Yogic technique.
It creates the localised anaesthesia thereby subsiding or mitigating the pain fully.

The Field Case Study
The localised anaesthesia created by the Nostril-Closing Yogic technique is quite different from the localised anaesthesia created with the help of the allopathic medicines or the pain killers.
As noted earlier, the localised anaesthesia and the steroids or the pain-killer medicines numb the pain-receiving centres of the brain for a certain fixed duration during which the patient doesn’t feel any pain in the affected body part.
In sharp contrast, the Nostril-Closing Yogic technique works mainly upon the affected pain giving body part and not the brain. It may provide relief from the pain only as long as the affected is not touched again. The pain may return on the affected part being touched again or the pain-causing stimulus acting again.
So, to say the relief from the pain provided by the Nostril-Closing Yogic technique may be a temporary one in many medical cases.
For example, a patient named Nancy (real name changed to protect the individual’s real identity) was suffering from acute pain resulting from a tooth-cavity.
Nancy tried the Nostril-Closing Yogic technique. She closed her Breathing-Nostril for nearly 30 minutes. The pain started lessening after minutes. By 5 minutes, the pain subsided to the extent of 5%. After 15 minutes, nearly 50% pain was gone. The pain vanished completely after 30 minutes.
She felt no pain after 30 minutes and therefore she opened her closed nostril.
She felt no pain in the area in and around the hypersensitive tooth cavity. But, when she drank water then the hypersensitive pain returned. She again used the Nostril-Closing Yogic technique and the pain again vanished completely till the next time when she ate/drank something.
How it happened?
It is very simple to understand.
In Nancy’s case, the Neuro-transmitters attached in and around the tooth-cavity became numb or got detached temporarily from the Neuro-relayers or the Neuro-Bridge connected to the Neuro-relayers that relay pain to the pain detecting/receiving brain-area on being disrupted by the Nostril-Closing Yogic technique on the first occasion.
So, the brain didn’t detect any pain arising from the hypersensitive tooth-cavity.
But, when Nancy drank water the next time then the Neuro-transmitters became conscious/active again as if having woken up from the deep sleep.
They became aware of the hyper pain caused by the stimulus provided by the water.
They then responded by getting themselves reattached to the Neuro-relayers or the Neuro-Bridge and the hyper pain felt in the tooth-cavity got transmitted to the pain-detection receptors in the brain.
So, Nancy felt the hyper pain in the tooth-cavity again!
It also proves logically that the brain wasn’t numbed and remained wide awake and alert all this while. It was primarily the affected part that had become numb as a result of the abrupt disruption caused by the Nostril-Closing Yogic technique.
Anyhow, it does show the efficacy of the Nostril-Closing Yogic technique in giving quick relief from pain, even if the relief is temporary in some medical cases!
The present scientific paper clearly shows that the Nostril-Closing Yogic technique has great implications in terms of providing the instant relief from bodily pain in challenging situations such as the accidents, wars or the natural disasters till the time the patient receives permanent medical relief/cure.
~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee

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