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Isn’t it really surprising that the yoga-practitioners tend to eat more and that too the solid and spicy food instead of drinking lemon water more during the severe bouts of the cold or the influenza, contrary to the prevalent common medical wisdom amongst the patients and the practitioners of the Allopathic medicine?
When you develop the cold or the influenza then you are advised commonly by every well-wishers including doctors, to drink more lemon water, especially the warm or the hot, primarily to offset the deficiency of the water caused by the running nose and the deficiency of the vitamin C.
The vitamin C is a known improver of the immune system of the Maanava body. This is supposed to help your body get rid of the cold or the influenza.
Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee’s scientific theory and explanation
Let us know a few basic scientific facts, first:
(i) The fluid running out of the nose provides an ideal environment for the germination and growth of the harmful virus that was responsible for causing the cold or the influenza initially.
(ii) The lemon water does have the property of enhancing the defence system of the Maanava body by providing the much needed Vitamin C. However, the more intake of the water only aids the harmful virus.
(iii) The solid and spicy food extracts more water for its own digestion process as compared to the liquid or the semi-liquid food.
(iv) The Spices are the known inhibitors that help stop the germination, growth and propagation of the harmful virus or germs.
It is commonly observed that the cold or the influenza does not go away simply by drinking lots of lemon water. It takes its own time to go away and only after the body’s defence system has developed the required level of immunity to the concerned trouble-causing virus.
The yoga-practitioners suffering from the viral influenza or the severe cold take to eating more solid and spicy food. The frequency of the food-intake is increased instead of skipping it, also.
The solid and spicy food draws more water from the Maanava body for its own digestive process. The resultant solid waste material extracts more water from the intestinal, Sigmund colon and rectum walls in the flushing exercise, too.
The continuous hyper-extraction of the water during the digestive and flushing processes reduces cumulatively the water availability for the harmful virus or the germs. With little or no water available, the harmful virus or the germs are denied the ideal microbiomial environment for the growth. Consequently, the influenza or the cold stops quickly and the patient recovers.
The next time your acquaintances or you catch severe cold or the influenza, do try the wonderful Yogic-treatment presented in this brief scientific research paper!

~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee

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