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Have you ever asked yourself - why the Yogis and other spiritual practitioners belonging to all genders in Bhaarat (भारत) wear a piece of cloth much far below the waistline and the belly unlike the Ghaagras (घाघरा) and Salwars (सलवार) worn around the belly by females in Bhaarat?
The Yogis and other spiritual practitioners wear a lion-cloth called the LANGOT (लंगोट) or simply wrap a piece of cloth around their body to hide their private parts.
Not only the Yoga-practitioners, but men-folk in general in Bhaarat wear the piece of cloth such as the Pyjama, Pant, short, Dhotee, etc., with the upper part of such a dress running from one upper end to the other upper end of the pelvic girdle. This upper part is far below the navel.
If you carefully look at the paintings depicting Radha, Gopis and Krishna, you will notice that the females are wearing lower garments with their upper part wrapped around their waists making curves of their waists prominently visible unlike men’s waists.
The generally held belief is that the women in Bhaarat and other parts of the world wear lower dress around their belly just to make themselves appear more charming, titillating and attractive with their waist-curve looking more curvaceous…! Men do not do so since they do not wish to appear feminine by showing their waist-curves unlike women do.
There may be some element of the truth in the above assertion. However, this is merely a very small part of the whole truth.

Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee’s scientific theory and explanation
There exist many Psychic-Sexo points (यौन मर्म बिंदु) somewhere in the region between the navel and the upper part of the pelvic girdle on both the left and the right sides of the abdomen as shown in the picture below, especially on both the extreme ends of the waistline.

(picture by Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee)
X1 and X2 represent the most sensitive Psychic-Sexo points (यौन मर्म बिंदु) along the waistline that runs from X1 to X2 through the Navel N. The circles R and L represent the most sensitive Psychic-Sexo points (यौन मर्म बिंदु) area within the abdomen region on right and left sides respectively. Z represents the lower garment worn by seasoned Yoga-practitioners. X represents the lower garment Ghaagra worn by women. N represents the Bellybutton.
The pressure exerted by the cord such as the Ghaagra-cord or the Salwar-cord on the Psychic-Sexo points (यौन मर्म बिंदु) causes creation of sexual desire in the person, a desire which goes on increasing with the time. This keeps the person whether male or female, sexually active for a relatively longer period in life. This leads to uncontrollable outflow of the semen in males, also.
The phenomenon explained above may create several unheard-of unhealthy complications for the male Yoga or spiritual practitioner if such a male happens to attract female-energy forms of female deities/goddesses by virtue of worshipping/propitiating such female deities/goddesses …!
The Yogis and other spiritual practitioners place a very high premium on celibacy that involves disallowing the outer flow of the semen…!
The Siddhasana (सिद्धासन) helps stop the creation of the unhealthy APAAN-VAYU (अपान वायु) and helps prevent the unwanted outer flow of the semen in males. Nevertheless, it may fail in doing so fully if the Yogis and other spiritual practitioners wear any piece of cloth that puts pressure on the Psychic-Sexo points (यौन मर्म बिंदु) in the abdominal region…! The female practitioners too face the same dilemma or the tricky problem.
THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST-KEPT TOP-SECRETS and is TIGHTLY HELD by Yoga Gurus of any true worth…! However, not anymore with the present paper making it public…!
The females in Bhaarat wear lower garments around the waistline more as a cultural-legacy and carry-forward than any other scientific reasons. Of course, it does keep them sexually active for longer duration than males as pointed out earlier, without their own selves being consciously aware of it. This keeps them sexually interested in their husbands/partners, too.
There are several positive implications of the present research paper – those couples or males and females who are very low on sex-drive may try increasing their libido by wearing lower dress along the waist-curve…!
The present scientific paper does unlock the secret of the dress code of the Yoga-practitioners. Nevertheless, scientists must do more research to understand this SECRET.
~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee
(Fotos: Courtesy the Google, Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee)

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