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It may seem puzzling and contradictory to learn that the Yogis, especially the Himalayan Yogis, take rest with their head on their own right arm which is used as the natural pillow and face the right side of their own body.
Puzzling and contradictory because in an earlier scientific paper/article Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee has theorised and explained that “The Yogis, notably the Himalayan Yogis sleep with their head on their left arm which is used as the natural pillow and face the left side of their own body because this physical posture is primarily anti-ageing and enables them to live longer.”
Not only this, even the great famous, well-known, revered and learned wise Bharatiya saint Preevrajakaachaarya Paramahansaa ShreematSwaamee Negmaananda Jee Saraswatee has echoed the usefulness of the Right-Posture in securing a quick relaxing of the tired Maanava body and its health, in an article in a book titled “Aarogya Anka”, GPPN 1592, published by the much-respected Gita Press Gorakhpur in the twentieth century, too.
Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee’s theory and explanation
The factual reality is that both the instances cited above aren’t contradictory.
The Left-Posture is suitable for the operationalising of the fully efficient digestive activity which results into production of the greater amount of the energy and the essential body-building nutrients. This in turn ensures several health benefits such as the anti-ageing and absence of the Constipation (due to the efficient bowel movement).
The Right-Posture is more efficient in providing the wholesome refreshing rest to the tired body, especially after having walked for long distance or done some tiresome hard physical activity.
The Right-Posture requires the maximum amount of the energy compared to the Left-Posture or the Straight-Posture. This means the more outflow of the energy or the heat from the body. This in turn means more and efficient cooling down of the Maanava body.
It is a well-established scientific factual truth that the Maanava body is more fresh and relaxed in cooler environment than the warmer one.
So, the next time you feel extremely tired after having treaded on foot for long distances or performed any tiring physical activity, do lay down to take rest in the Right-Posture described above. In no time, your tiredness shall have vanished and you will feel your own self as fresh as the cool breeze!
~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee

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Comment by K.R.Yadgiri rao on August 9, 2017 at 5:17pm

Very good information swaameeji.

"Hare Srinivasa"
K.R.Yaadagiri Rao


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