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While all the standard Yoga-Aasanaasa or the physical postures such as the Sukhaasana, Bhdraasana, Vjraasanaa, and Padmaasana, etcetera are beneficial for the heart, mind and the shareera (body), the standard Yoga-texts such as the Hatthyoga Prdipika, Shiv Samhita or the Patanjali’s Yogsutras and the experienced Yoga Masters advise the yoga-practitioners to prefer and practise the Siddhaasana.
In the Siddhaasana, the Yoga-practitioner has to sit with the spine being erect and straight in position, chin up and straight, open palms placed skyward on both the legs, closed or open eyes looking straight, nose up and straight; and most importantly the left heel pressed against the Muulaadhara and the other remaining feet placed above the heel that is pressed against the Muulaadhara (with the penis placed gently between the two ankles) in the case of the male Yoga-practitioner and the left heel pressed against the perineum near Anus or against/inside the labia majora (vagina) and the other remaining right heel pressed against the clitoris/hole in the case of the female/eunuch Yoga-practitioner.
Why is the Siddhaasana preferred to the other Yoga-Aasanaasa or the physical postures which have enormous health and spiritual benefits, too?
Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee’s scientific theory and explanation
In simpler Yogic-terminology, the BioElectromagnetic energy or the Kundalenee-Shakti flows as the spiritual force upwards along the spinal cord of the Yoga-practitioner who practises the Siddhaasana. This helps the Yoga-practitioner tremendously in the spiritual advancement and keeping one’s own physical shareera healthy.
In the case of the Yoga-practitioners who don’t practise the Siddhaasana and instead practise some other Aasanaasa there always is the danger of the BioElectroMagnetic energy or the Kundalenee-Shakti converting into the wasteful sexual energy that then flows out of the Yoga-practitioner’s shareera through the downward and outward action of the Apaana Vaayu via genitals.
The wasteful outward flow of the sexual energy retards the spiritual growth and undermines the overall health of the physical shareera of the Yoga-practitioner.
In simpler Non-yogic scientific terms, the Siddhaasana ensures the creation of greater amount of the Melatonin hormone.

The Melatonin hormone helps decrease the physical shareera’s temperature and inhibits the sexual urge/activity. It leads to the child-like sexual innocence. Hence, it ensures that the BioElectroMagnetic energy or the Kundalenee-Shakti doesn’t get frittered away and wasted as the outward flowing via genitals.
The above mentioned reasoning finds ample support from the earlier studies conducted on the adults whose pineal glands were damaged and the children.
It was found that the generation of the Melatonin hormone had almost stopped in the adults having the damaged pineal glands. This meant increased sexual activity or the growth of the sexual glands.
The Melatonin hormone is secreted by the pineal gland.
In the case of the children, it was found that the increased secretion of the Melatonin hormone inhibits the growth of the sexual glands in the children.
The children generally are observed to be full of energy, happy, innocence and without any inclination towards any sexual activity. The real spiritual progress and the well-being of the physical shareera requires a child-like pure physical shareera and a mind devoid of any sexual thought/inclination.
It then follows from the aforesaid research information that the Yoga-practitioner has to develop the above-mentioned child-like pure traits which are found to be associated with the enhanced secretion of the Melatonin hormone in the children. This is achieved by practising the Siddhaasana which helps in the greater secretion of the Melatonin hormone from the pineal gland in the Yoga-practitioner.

~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee

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