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Why do most of the Bhaaratey people, especially the spiritually faithful ones pluck the flowers or Tulasee तुलसी (Basil) leafs only just before the Sunrise and not in the night, after the Sunrise or the Sunset?
Not everyone knows as to what is the correct time of the day to pluck the flowers or the Basil leaf. More importantly, why only at a certain time of the day…!
If you ask any spiritually learned person as to what the correct time for plucking the Basil leaf during the 24 hours’ day-night cycle is, the chances are that you will be given this prompt reply –‘Just before the Sunrise.’
However, you may be dismayed to receive no scientific reasons if you further prod as to why you need pluck the Basil leaf only just before the Sunrise! All you may receive as an answer is – ‘It is religiously bad to pluck the Basil leaf after the Sunset.’
Similarly, you may not get any scientific reason for plucking any flower only just before the Sunrise except some standard religious-coated reply as above –‘It is religiously not good to pluck the flowers after the Sunrise.’
Nevertheless, there are proper scientific reasons for plucking the flowers and the Basil leaf only just before the Sunrise.
Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee’s scientific theory and explanation
Any competent and seasoned gardener or flower-seller shall tell you that you pluck the flowers only just before the Sunrise and not after it because the worms are out of the flower and on to the other parts of the flower-plant during the night and just before the Sunrise due to the coolness around with no Sun heat being there.
After the Sunrise, the Sun heat makes the worms who cannot tolerate the heat return into the flower.
Several Bhaaratey scriptures forbid offering the flowers or leafs containing worms to the deity. Devotees consider it a bad omen to offer the worm-infested or the worm-eaten flower/leaf to the deity. Therefore, it is only proper to pluck the flowers/leaf just before the Sunrise.
The explanation given above is just one part of the whole truth.
The following are some of the proper scientific reasons:
1. The plants are tired after the Sunset and they sleep during the night. It is improper to disturb them. The act of plucking the flower or the leaf in the night disturbs their sleep. Moreover, they generally wake up just before the Sunrise. It is better to deal with an awake flower or the leaf.
After the Sunset and during the night, most of the flowers and leafs do not contain that higher degree of freshness, aroma, nutritional and medicinal value that they had just before the Sunrise.
2. The plants generally carry out their food-production to meet their own nutritional needs through the photosynthesis process conducted by their own leafs after the Sunrise and during the daytime. The act of plucking the flower or the leaf after the Sunrise disturbs their metabolism and the photosynthesis process.
Of course, further research in the processes described and explained in the instant brief research paper shall definitely help fully understand the phenomenon.
~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee
(Fotos: Courtesy Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee)

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