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The Western physicists and mathematicians, especially in Europe and USA are aware of and do practise only the four-dimensional coordinate system (FDCS).

They declare that all physical events happen only in the context of the FDCS only.

Further, they explore the origin of the Universe in this context only.

But, is the FDCS model sufficient enough to explain all the events in the world?

No! According to Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee, the Nine-Dimensional Coordinate System (NDCS) embodied in and indicated by the Bharatiya Vaishnava Steady State theory of origin of Universe is far better than the FDCS.

Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee’s scientific theory and explanation

According to the FDCS, the four dimensions are – Length, Breadth, Height, and Time. Of these, the Length, Breadth, and Height are the spatial dimensions.
The Bharatiya Vaishnava Steady State theory of the origin of the Universe speak of seven Eternal elements: Aatmaa/Soul/God particle, Aakaash or Sky/Space, Kaal or Time, Deshaa or Direction, Veshwagolaka, Brhmaandagolaka or World Spatial Circle/sphere, Golokadhaama or Divine centre of divine light/Abode of Krishna, and Prkrte, Raadhaa, Nature or Shakte/Energy.
Any physical event that happens in the Universe involves mainly nine dimensions – Aakaash (Length, Breadth, and Height), Kaal, Deshaa, Go, Aatmaa, Veshwagolaka, Prkrte/Shakte (Energy).
Therefore, any efficient and effective coordinate system must show all these nine dimensions.
The Deshaa-coordinate shows the direction or movement of the physical event.

The Prkrte/Shakte/Energy-coordinate shows the flow of the Energy involved in the physical event.
The Go-coordinate shows the flow of the light.
The Veshwagolaka-coordinate shows the location of the physical event in the Space.
The Aatmaa-coordinate shows the flow of the basic matter or the Soul/God particle.
The functions of the other four dimensions (Length,

Breadth, Height, and Time) are same as in the SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM model.

Therefore, the Nine Dimensional Coordinate System (NDCS), nine-dimensional geometry or the coordinate system enshrined/embodied in the Bharatiya Vaishnava Steady State theory of origin of Universe explains and represents the physical events far better than the prevalent popular Western model of the SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM.

~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee

(fotos: Courtesy The Gita Press Gorakhpur, The Google)


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