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The Bhaarateeya system of cleaning the Maanava’s anus and genital after indulging into the excretion, urination or copulation process is certainly far better than the Western method of the commode system.

Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee’s scientific theory and explanation

The reasons for the traditional BHAARATEEYA SYSTEM being BETTER THAN THE WESTERN SYSTEM are as follows:
(i) It ensures full, proper and efficient cleaning of the anus and the genital by ensuring the differential quantitative cleaning.
(ii) The clean soil in adequate quantity absorbs the faecal and urinal waste material completely as compared to the tissue-paper used in the tissue-paper culture of the Waste.
(iii) The smooth, porous and clean soil cleans the anus and genital more smoothly than any tissue paper does. There are significantly reduced chances of the anus or genital being bruised during the cleaning process.
The tissue can’t be made smooth and frictionless because doing so might cause them not to absorb the faecal/urinal matter. And the rough tissue-paper can’t be expected to clean gently and smoothly either. The roughness of the tissue-paper may cause minute lesions, abrasions or ruptures in the anal or genital area.
(iv) Since one passes out waste material in the open and that too one has to do by keeping moving while excreting in the Bhaaratiya system, the chances of the harmful foul faecal microbiomial organisms accumulating at one spot over a period of time are diminished significantly.
Exactly opposite is the case with the Western model of the commode/lavatory system. Even the exhaust fans/ventilators present in the lavatories/loos might not be able to expel the foul smell and harmful faecal microbiomial organisms out of the lavatory/Loos.
(v) In the Bhaarateeya system, one has to clean hands and feet profusely both with the clean soil and the water. This ensures full cleaning of the anus, genital, hands and feet. Which means greatly enhanced safety against faecal infections. On the other hand, in the tissue-paper culture, they wipe out the anus with a tissue paper which might not ensure full cleaning of the faecal matter from the anus.
The only main problem with the Bhaarateeya system is that most of the ordinary folks don’t follow the steps given in the श्रीमददेवीभागवत Shreemadadaeveebhaagwata and hence it results more often in bad hygiene and ill-health.
Now a days, the open healthy spaces for defecating/urinating have either drastically contracted or are simply not available at all.
Moreover, people everywhere have started following the Western loos/lavatory system in the भारत Bhaarata, too.

(i) The loos/lavatories must be built separate from the bathroom. They must not be in the bathroom.
(ii) Keep a mug of water containing a drop or two of some anti-bacterial or disinfectant such as the Dettol near the lavatory before passing out the excreta. Wash your anus with this water. This shall ensure that your fingers, thumb, palm, wrist remain infection-free while cleaning your anus with your own hand.
(iii) Wash your both hands with some anti-bacterial or disinfectant such as the Dettol immediately after having washed your own anus or genital. This shall ensure enhanced protection against faecal infections.
(iv) Always pair off your own nails, especially those of your own hands. This shall greatly reduce, minimise or eliminate altogether the chances of your nails getting infected with the faecal matter/microbiomial organisms.
(v) Always take a bath with some anti-bacterial or disinfectant such as the Dettol immediately after the excretion and associated process is over.

~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee
(Fotos/Drawings: Courtesy the Google, Gita Press Gorakhpur)


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