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Traditionally, the people in Bharat have been eating sweet Dahi/Curd before leaving their own houses for some important event or journey. It is considered a good omen and believed to bring in the good luck to the Curd-eater.
For example, mothers in Bharat usually offer sweet Curd to their school-going children when they go out of the house to write some exam or be interviewed for some job. In rural Bharat, even today, when someone’s own family member, relative or friend leaves one’ own house for a long period then such a member, relative or friend is given the sweet Curd to eat. No one usually refuses to eat the sweet Curd.
It is made by adding a liberal amount of sugar, jaggery or some other sweetener to the Curd.
The Curd known as the Dahi in Bharat is generally made from the cow-milk or the buffalo-milk.
Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee’s scientific theory and explanation
No doubt, the intake of the sweet Curd is supposed to bring in the good luck, there is more to it than mere the supposed good luck.
Commonly, the Curd is believed to be a substance that brings the cooling effect in the Maanava/human shareera/body. That is not true as any expert Ayurveda-practitioner shall tell you.
Any expert Ayurveda-practitioner shall readily confirm the fact that the Curd has Ushnn (hot) property. It is this heating property that actually is responsible for the Curd being used as an auspicious food stuff!
When someone goes out of the house on some journey, near or distant, then the individual going out of the house may face some health issues such as the dysentery or loose motion due to any reason whatsoever. Also, there may not be any safe and proper place to pass out excreta if the eaten food turns into the waste material quickly which in turn then obviously forces itself to come out of the rectum.
While away from the house, the individual may not readily receive the required medical facilities and may not find a lavatory to overcome such aforesaid medical problems. The eating of the Curd is a pre-emptive remedy to overcome these medical problems in much advance.
The heating property of the Curd ensures that the food that has already been eaten does not turn into the watery or liquid-waste in the form of the loose motion. It ensures the absorption of the water-part of the food eaten, leaving it to turn mostly into a solid waste and solidly placed for longer duration without any further movement down the intestines, Sigmund colon or the rectum.
Even when no food is eaten, but only the Curd is taken, the Curd ensures that the watery stuff inside the intestines, Sigmund colon or the rectum does not turn into the loose motion. It does so by absorbing the outwardly inclined water. The heating property of the Curd helps absorb such water.
It is a common experience for many students to feel anxious before writing any exam. Job-aspirants waiting or attending interviews for jobs often report feeling uneasy or nervous, especially inside their tummy. This uneasy feeling is described beautifully in the English language as having or feeling butterflies in the stomach! The butterflies-syndrome may reduce the student’s or the job-seeker’s performance at the exam or the interview respectively.
The chemical properties of the Curd reduce or almost eliminate the occurrence of the Butterflies-syndrome. The overall soothing effect is that the Curd-eater doesn’t feel the unnecessary heightened anxiety or anxiousness. The end result is that the Curd-eater becomes calm and consequently has a much better chance of performing in the given task.
The sweetener added to the Curd provides the instant energy.
The heightened anxiety or nervousness leads to the quicker and enhanced absorption/consumption of glucose or the sugar that is present in the Maanava shareera. This leads to the energy-deficit. The sweetener-component of the sweet Curd helps take care of this energy-deficit. The result is that the individual doesn’t feel tired, exhausted or nervous while writing an exam, attending an interview, proceeding on some journey or handling other tasks, jobs, matters or issues.
Those suffering from the Cold, Cold-related, diabetes and sugar-related ailments must consult their personal physician, dietician or doctor before trying out the sweet Curd omen.

~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee

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