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The ancient Bharatiya spiritual text titled ShrimadDevibhagwata advises the spiritual seekers to follow certain precautions while carrying out their own daily chores/routine. One such piece of advice is – Keep your head covered while defecating/passing out their own excreta/faeces.
However, the text is silent on what it exactly means by the term the head and does not specify the modes of covering it.
The head can be covered in several ways, i.e., cap, turban, scarf, etc. Further, it inherently implies covering both the ears, too.
Of course, it obviously doesn’t mean covering the eyes since doing so would hinder the process of defecating by not letting you see the space ahead to move forward to after the accumulation of the acceptable quantity of excreta at the place of the defecation.
The covering of the mouth and nostrils isn’t implied, too. However, people prefer and tend to cover their own mouth and nostrils with a cloth, also, to avoid inhaling the foul smell of the faeces.
The covering of the mouth and the nostrils is easily understandable. But, it certainly seems puzzling if you are asked to cover your own head, too.
Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee’s scientific theory and explanation
As Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee has explained in an earlier brief scientific research paper titled “WHY DO THE YOGA-PRACTITIONERS DO THE GURGLING AFTER PASSING OUT THE..." the excreta and pee contain a large number of harmful microbes and stink, too, which spread out in the air and into the excreting-person’s ears and nostrils. They go into the mouth of the person if the mouth is kept open.
By covering the head and its related parts, the excreting-individual is able to avoid the negative aspects mentioned above.
One may make counter argument – Don’t the harmful microbes/stink touch the other remaining parts of the shareer? Yes, it does happen. But, the act of covering the head minimises the harm.
Of course, only a complete bathing of the shareer immediately after having excreted seems the best way to cleanse the shareer of all the microbes/stink effects.
The act of excreting basically involves a release/loss of the shareer’s heat/energy. This certainly causes an imbalance in the shareer’s temperature including that of the head. The head is one of the most delicate parts and needs retention of the optimal heat.
The head may suffer a serious heat-deficiency if it remains uncovered during the act of the excreting. So, the covering of the head by a head-cover such as the cap, turban, and scarf, etc., helps retain and maintain the heat balance in the various parts of the head/skull/brain such as the Medulla Oblongata, etc. Especially what the Ayurvedaachaaryas call the BuddheChakra (Mattulenga) which is hot/warm in nature.
In the olden days, the people used to defecate in the open because there were no in-house lavatories. As such, they remained exposed to the vagaries of the weather while excreting such as the heat, cold, storm, etc. The head-cover protected the head from these natural blows.
The head-cover provided safety cover to the excreting-person against several unforeseen circumstances such as the stone-pelting by the mischievous children or people, the stones thrown away by the farmers to scare the birds away from the agricultural fields, orchards or gardens, etc.
~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee

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