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As a Yoga-practitioner, it is of the utmost importance to keep one’s own physical body clean and healthy. The special care is taken to ensure cleanliness, especially of the private parts such as the arm-pits and the genitals.
The underarm sweating is a natural phenomenon to keep the Maanava (human) body cool. Nothing to worry about it if it doesn’t become hyper excessive or smelling hyperfoul.
Very often, it is noticed that one’s own arm-pits continue to smell foul despite one’s having applied the anti-bacterial soap several times to one’s own arm- pits while taking a bath.
The present article explores the issue of the smelling hyperfoul.

Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee’s theory and explanation
There are primarily following two reasons that cause the continuance of the bad odour from the arm-pits despite repeated soaping of these private parts.
(1) The sweat glands beneath the skin in the arm-pits are spread beyond the area visibly covered by the hair in the arm-pit area.
While taking a bath, the bather usually applies anti-bacterial soap to the bushy area only. This leaves out the sweat-glands’ area spread around within 5-10 centimetres’ peripheral limits of the hair area uncleaned!
The bather mistakenly believes in the perceptual truth that the bad smell is coming from the hair area despite repeated soaping of the same. The factual truth is that the bad odour is sprouting from the peripheral unsoaped area!
Therefore, do apply the anti-bacterial soap to the peripheral area twice-thrice, also. This shall remove the bad odour from the arm-pits completely.
(2) You must have noticed that the doctors measure the temperature of a patient suffering from the fever by placing a thermometer in the patient’s mouth or under the patient’s either arm-pit.
The learned Doctor puts the thermometer under the patient’s either arm-pit simply because the temperature-glands located in this area communicate the body’s temperature correctly.
When the Maanava (human) body is suffering from some disease or anomaly then it conveys this condition through several ways. The abnormally increased temperature is such one means.
The abnormally increased temperature activates the continuous heightened state of the sweat glands located under the hair area and the adjacent peripheral boundary.
The sweat glands start secreting continuously the foul smell which seemingly simply don’t go away despite the patient’s applying the anti-bacterial soap or anti-bad smell deodorant to both these locations.
The next time you notice the bad-odour of the second type discussed above, don’t ignore it. Visit the doctor, get your own self medically examined and seek a medical cure for the disease detected.

~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee

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