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Sometimes you feel that you will eat the whole big Pizza, Burger, all the Rotis kept in the plate or your favourite dish within 5 minutes because you are that much hungry. But, lo! What happens! You have just taken a bite or two, taken a morsel or two and then you scream – “Oh! Damned! I can’t eat anymore! But, I’m hungry!”
Why does the Hungry-Not-Hungry paradox of the kind described above crop up?

Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee’s theory and explanation
The Mother Nature has created the Maanava (human) body as a wonderfully completely self-reliant auto-programmed biological machine. This biological machine knows perfectly well when to activate its different mechanism such as the digestive system mechanism.
The Maanava body’s digestive system comes punctually into action when it’s the correct time to produce the energy by converting the food eaten. So to say, at the pre-programmed correct timing the digestive system starts secreting the required juices or the enzymes in anticipation of the in-coming of the food.
When the anticipated in-coming food fails to arrive for the digestive juices or the enzymes to act upon then the digestive machinery slides into a bio-chemical chaos. The digestive system then begins producing the gas in the stomach.
The chaotic gas produced in the stomach then covers much of the space or the store-room in the stomach and the food pipe.
The chaotic gas gives the paradoxical feeling of the belly being already full when the hungry person gulps down few pieces of the food. This feeling of a full belly arises despite the person being factually hungry!
We may term the above paradox the Hungry-Not-Hungry paradox.

The person is hungry. The feeling of a full tummy creates the perceptual reality or the illusion that the person is actually not hungry. The factual truth is that the person is actually hungry.
How to remove the Hungry-Not-Hungry paradox?
Well, it is very simple to get rid of the Hungry-Not-Hungry paradox.
Drink a little amount of the water before swallowing any food.
The water which is gulped down acts as the cooling agent which reacts to the chaotic stomach gas by cooling it down. The result is that the chaotic gas is subdued and vanishes.
The vanishing of the chaotic gas leads to more free space in the stomach the sensory fibres of whose walls send an all-clear signal to the brain.
The all-clear signal means that the stomach is now hungry, has full free space or the fully empty store room and needs food for the digestive enzymes or the juices to act upon to produce the energy and vital nutrients needed for the physical upkeep of the Maanava body.
The empty store room signal enables the hungry person to gulp down the whole Pizza, Burger, Rotis or the favourite dish without experiencing further the curious Hungry-Not-Hungry paradox that we read about in the opening paragraph of this article.

~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee

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