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Yoga practice makes use of a series of different and distorting poses that motivates the work flow of the internal organs, thus improving the metabolism to burn more calories and lessen the weight of your body. Improved blood and local circulation is a direct effect of practicing yoga postures. Thus, it leads to a healthier and more energetic body.
Whenever the calorie intake is lower than the calorie output, your body starts burning the fat cells in order to obtain the essential energy that is required for the body. You will gain the better results with a perfect healthy and strong metabolism that takes this process even further than the traditional weight loss formulas.

Leanr the ancient science behind the yoga and its benefits at one of the best yoga teacher training school in Rishikesh - Yoga therapy foundation

Holistic and therapy based yoga teacher training courses offered:

Yoga therapy teacher training in rishikesh
100 Hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh
200 Hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh
300 Hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh
500 Hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh

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