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Janin Devi & Dorananda : "PARADI" - YOGA & SONGS FROM BEYOND

On the new CD "Paradi" Janin Devi accompanies a guided yoga class by Dorananda Yoga, embedded in sensual piano playing, enriched with mantra music, spiritual poetry and an electric song. In addition Janin Devi presents blissful pop songs.
In the Hatha & Vinyasa yoga class the focus lies on heart opening. Carried by Janin Devi's voice you will perceive the delicate areas of your being, to interact in a natural, fun way with the cosmos.

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Comment by Rudra on January 17, 2016 at 4:48pm
fantastic. Reminds me when I taught
Vishnu yoga 12 times a week. Now I have the ecstasy and am available to help those who want understanding.


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