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Soul Ascension

Soul Ascension. Soul color. Soul contract to life. Evolving Soul. How accumulates Energy for Ascension. Detoxification, Load Reduction, Purging past lives. Yoga & meditation for purging chakras system.

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Soul Ascension. Transformation. How accumulates Energy for Ascension. Detoxification, Load Reduction, Purging past lives. Soul contract to life. Soul color. Evolving Soul.

An Egyptian papyrus of the year 1320 BC says:

"The man returns to life many times, though not remember their past lives, except sometimes in dreams or in the form of a thought linked to some event that does not clearly identify. In the end, all his previous lives will be revealed.

"Book of Coming Forth by Day" The Egyptian Book of The Dead or "Book of coming forth by day". (Egypt, c1200BC)

You can see that Structure of the Ankh is very important as an energy system for out of body and coming to day. Ankh as chakras system.

The "ba" (Soul) was a free-ranging spirit aspect of the deceased. The "ba", depicted as a human-headed bird, which could "go forth by day" from the tomb into the world.


Near death experience.

A near-death experience (NDE) refers to a broad range of personal experiences associated with impending death, encompassing multiple possible sensations including detachment from the body; feelings of levitation; extreme fear; total serenity, security, or warmth; the experience of absolute dissolution; and the presence of a light.


Ascent of the Blessed is a Hieronymus Bosch painting made after 1490.


Near death experience.


 Awakening & Ascension.


Robert Monroe traveling Out ​​Of Body, got learned and presented us his experience in his books.


The book by Robert Monroe "Far Journeys" provides (pages 162 - 181) that responds to the questions. "Who are we?   Who and what for was created our world?   Where are we going?

It's for Awakening.


Also he presented the process of Ascension and energies required to ascend. Pages 243 - 246 - Ascension or OUTWARD FLOW.

He demonstrated the process of passing our past lives and conditions of energy accumulation.

Soul colors, Evolving Soul.

Soul colorsFrom - "Journey of Souls" - Case Studies of Life Between Lives, "Soul Purpose", "Life between lives" - Michael Newton (hypnotist).

Do You know the answers to these questions?

What is needed for the ascension?


What are the obstacles?

Discussion Forum

Stages of Soul ascension.

Levels of ascension orevolving Soul & consciousness.Stages of ascension."In the human life experience sequence, the change is permanent. In serial form, the itinerary of human experience might be mapped something like…Continue

Tags: evolving, stages, colors, ascension, Soul

Started by Konstantin Jul 25, 2011.

Color of the Soul. Evolving Soul.

Evolving Soul. Stages, levels & colors. "We can not give any physical definition for the soul, because it somehow limit what it seems, has no limits. I understand the soul as a reasonable light energy. This energy seems to function as a…Continue

Tags: evolving, levels, colors, color, Life

Started by Konstantin Jul 5, 2011.

What is my «FORM» while "Out ​​Of Body"?

What is my «FORM» while "Out ​​Of Body"? Think of your second body (or immediate nonphysical body) as much like gelatin that has been removed from a mold. It "remembers "the human form and thus is near identical. The longer one is separated from…Continue

Tags: Body, ​​Of, Out, Ascension

Started by Konstantin May 5, 2011.

Is the "Out ​​Of Body" similar to the NEAR-DEATH experiences.

Is  the "Out ​​Of Body" similar to the  NEAR-DEATH experiences  that have been written about in seeral recent books?  It is very similar. More pointedly, with allowances for cultural connotation and uncontrolled action-reaction due to a high stress…Continue

Tags: Ascension, NEAR-DEATH

Started by Konstantin May 5, 2011.

How accumulates the Energy for Ascension.

Measure Your Load-Energy ratio. "At physical birth, we enter physical life into a presumed innocent consciousness. The path to adulthood and your progress along it can be termed a loss of such innocence, scaled by the number of responsibilities you…Continue

Tags: Ascension, Energy, accumulate

Started by Konstantin May 4, 2011.

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