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Asanas posted a video
Om! Dans ce cours de yoga français, vous serez guidé par notre professeur de yoga Ananta et enchanté par des sons merveilleux. Apprenez la pratique du yoga, entraînez-vous aux asanas, faites l'expérience de la paix intérieure et bien plus encore.Profitez du cours de yoga à rejoindre et répandez l'harmonie en partageant la vidéo. Vous contribuerez activement à la diffusion du yoga dans le monde. Vous pouvez également nous soutenir en faisant un don. Vous contribuerez à faire vivre notre…
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Yoga Vidya posted a video
Om! Participate at the live Yoga lesson Intermediate class in english with Kaivalya . Learn yoga practice, train asanas, experience inner peace and much more.
Enjoy the live yoga class and spread the harmony by sharing the video with others. In this way you actively help spread yoga around the world. You can also support us with a donation. You are helping to keep our association alive. Thank you for your charity and your participation in our yoga class.
We give live yoga classes for you every…
Jun 12
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Jun 11
Nancy replied to vidhi nagpal's discussion Yoga, lifestyle and health
"Very sorry to hear that you're experiencing back pain, I know how difficult that can be. I would recommend checking out this article:
It discusses a few different yoga poses that are meant to be effective in alleviating back pain. I think they have a few other articles up on the blog that also relate to back pain!"
Jun 2
ArtDvine Yoga School commented on Rishikesh Yogkulam's blog post Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh – Learn and then Train
"Nice article..!!! Please free to check out our online 200 hour yoga teacher training course out"
May 25
Arhanta Yoga replied to Sita Chaitanya's discussion To become a professional yoga trainer is it necessary to be able to do all asanas?
"Yes, it is necessary that you should know to do all difficult asanas, you can learn difficult asanas from experts. we are at Arhanta yoga provide yoga teacher training classes online at an affordable price."
May 12
Yoga Dunia replied to vidhi nagpal's discussion Yoga, lifestyle and health
"Downward-Facing Dog is a popular pose in many yoga practices. This position may be especially helpful for people with lower back pain, as it helps gently stretch the muscles in the back of the leg.

Start in an all-fours position, with the knees under the hips and the hands aligned with the wrists and shoulders.
Push the weight into the hands and bring the body up off the knees.
Bring the tailbone up toward the ceiling. The shoulders should naturally move back as the spine and legs lengthen.…"
Mar 18


Yoga today is no longer a set of poses you calmly do lying down on a mat. With the increasing popularity it has received over the years, this is no longer a form of workout but a way of living for overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Yes, today yoga is hyped, especially among the stressed-out who long to get a hold on their fast life. So,…

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Health benefits of Yoga

Staying fit is something which everybody wants in their day to day lives. We all want to stay fit but let us be honest who loves to work hard for it. Nobody loves to leave their comfort zone and work. Many at times people are so busy in their lives that they lack of proper care to the body which ultimately results them in various health problems. You can buy Soma online subscription from soma fitness studio to get yourself into various forms of body workout to stay fit.

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Yoga Retreat Nepal

Namaste and welcome to Nepal Yoga Retreat Centre, a brand new Yoga, Meditation and Ayurvedic retreat center run by Award-winning Yoga teachers, inside the Kathmandu valley. We are also a certified Yoga teachers training center with Yoga Alliance

Yoga retreat Nepal
is a sanctuary tucked in the green hills of the Kathmandu valley, surrounded by temples. A center where you will find, simple and wholesome…

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With the Covid-19 that began earlier this year followed by the subsequent lockdown in major continents of the world, life came to a standstill. While our office work shifted to “work from home” and physical classes became “online classes”, something that we all missed doing was keeping ourselves fit.

Our routine of hitting the gym or attending physical yoga classes came to a halt,…

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Halasana is the unique form of asana in yoga that implants a lot of health-related benefits. The Plough Pose is another name of Halasana. The name Halasan is derived from Sanskrit words – Hala means Plough and Asana, means Pose. The name Halasana comes after combining these two words. The asana also looks a lot like a plough, so in the English translation of…

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Divine Energy Life Coaching

Divine energy life coaching also is known as Yogasth life coaching is a unique training program for individuals to develop one’s potentials, sharpen one’s skills, and talents and manage one’s life more effectively. Life coaching as we know is gaining currency worldwide as more and more people are seeking excellence in one or more areas of life. No doubt modern life coaching methods help one reach one’s goals, gain clarity in life about what you want and of…

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20% off on our Upcoming Yoga Teacher Training Course

Enroll for our traditional yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh. Best Yoga Teacher training school of Rishikesh conducts 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India set in stunning and peaceful location near the beach of holy river Ganga. Rishikesh is a scenic valley surrounded by the majestic Himalayan mountain range. Book Your Seat:

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What are the Health Benefits of Yoga Practice?

In the modern world, many people want to live a healthy lifestyle. But only a few can manage their lifestyle in a better way. If you are also looking for a way that helps in removing tension and stress from your body, then yoga is your best friend. Yes, yoga is the best therapy for reducing stress and tension from your body. For the yoga exercise, you need to learn yoga first. At Yoga Teacher Training in India, you will learn yoga poses that you can do in your daily routine for better health.

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Know the Deep Yoga Poses for Better Health

Yoga is good for your health, and it will make your body healthy and fit naturally. It will be good for your health and make a relaxed mind in your life. From the daily exercise of yoga in their daily routine, it will do wonders in your life and give you the health benefits of learn yoga at Sharada yoga peeth. which provides yoga teacher training in India.

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Yoga For Weight Loss – Types & Exercises

Yoga is a traditional form of exercise which helps in focusing the mind, body, and soul. It was practiced in ancient India and people of every age group can experience its benefits. The Yoga word is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj,” which means the union of an individual with the universe. The practice of yoga includes the physical activity which helps in connecting with the body, mind, and soul. Here, you will learn about Yoga for weight loss, and you can practice them anywhere without any…

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