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Arhanta Yoga replied to Editor Yoga Vidya's discussion How to practice yoga as a beginner
"Beginners should learn how to do poses, breathing, and other exercises in a way that brings their awareness to the present moment. Yoga is an excellent way to learn self-control, as well as balance and strength. You can practice at home or in a…"
Arhanta Yoga replied to Sita Chaitanya's discussion Yoga to help quit smoking
"It is a proven fact that regular yoga can help you quit smoking. This is because regular yoga practice activates the mind, body, and spirit in such a way that habit-building becomes difficult and breaking free from addiction easy. Your yoga practice…"
Arhanta Yoga replied to Rishikesh Yoga Retreats's discussion 20% off on our Upcoming Yoga Teacher Training Course
"Hey, do you want to learn yoga from experts? we are at Arhanta yoga provides yoga teacher training online at an affordable price. 
Arhanta Yoga® is an international Yoga school with Yoga ashrams in India and the Netherlands. We help people to become…"
Arhanta Yoga replied to Sita Chaitanya's discussion Yoga for back problems
"Lower-back pain is also often the reason that a person starts a yoga practice. They are looking for a way to deal with, or even heal, their back pain. Therefore it is of great benefit for your students if you know how to best guide them in a…"
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ayur das replied to claire patricia punter conry's discussion yoga peace
"Psychologists use expressive arts therapy in many settings to help people explore difficult issues in their lives.Art, music, and dance are forms of creative expression that can help you process and cope with emotional issues, including depression.…"
Arhanta Yoga replied to Editor Yoga Vidya's discussion Benefits of yoga in prison
"The benefits of yoga in prison are numerous. It promotes relaxation, enhances communication among the inmates, and helps maintain discipline. In addition, a study has found that regular yoga practice improves prison-wide conditions such as…"
Arhanta Yoga replied to shree's discussion Health and Spiritual benifits of Yoga with Chakra
"Yoga promises to improve your health and spiritual level. Many people turn to it because they are looking for a spiritual boost. There is much information available online about the health benefits of yoga. But it can be difficult to know which pose…"

In this age of smartphones and laptops, spending hours staring into digital screens has become a normal routine. Owing to this, you might suffer from numerous eye vision problems which worsen with time and age. Some vision problems you might experience include difficulty with distinguishing colours, and problems with focusing on an object. It is why you should include yoga for eye vision…

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Whether you are a new yoga teacher or planning to become one, there is always something new to know about this sacred art. When you plan to become a yoga teacher, there is a lot you have to learn and practice. From understanding the Sanskrit language, yoga asana sequence, to building yourself as a brand, it might be a bit overwhelming for you. It is why you should enroll in a certified yoga teacher training course to learn all these skills.

With that said, there are a few things that…

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Yoga, the ancient art of uniting your body and mind has helped millions unlock their true self. This ancient art has transitioned to a global phenomenon owing to its numerous benefits. Daily yoga practice offers you benefits including decreased risk of mental and physical health problems. Add to that, there are a variety of yoga styles like Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga among others. One of these is the…

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Everything You Should Know About 200 Hour YTT

Are you ready to transition from a yoga practitioner to a certified instructor? Becoming a yoga teacher requires a serious commitment of time and efforts. A majority of yoga practitioners choose to start with the basic 200 hour yoga teacher training course. However, there is much more you have to learn when it comes to becoming an RYT 200.…

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No matter what you achieve or gain in life, if you lack mental balance, you will never have overall wellness. In today’s world, mental unrest could leave you off balance. Moreover, the Covid 19 timelines have filled everyone with fear, agony, and sadness. All this reflects on other relationships as well as your personal health.

The least you can do to enhance your overall being is to practice meditation. Let’s go through different reasons why you should practice meditation for overall…

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Doshas in Ayurveda: A Guide For Beginners

Ayurveda has a history of being one of the oldest medicinal and holistic approach to a healthy life. With a focus on living and eating habits, Ayurveda offers complete body healing. The center point of Ayurveda revolves around five elements: space, water, earth, fire, and air. A combination of one or more elements forms doshas in Ayurveda.

The following are the three primary doshas in Ayurveda. Check them…

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20% off on our Upcoming Yoga Teacher Training Course

Enroll for our traditional yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh. Best Yoga Teacher training school of Rishikesh conducts 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India set in stunning and peaceful location near the beach of holy river Ganga. Rishikesh is a scenic valley surrounded by the majestic Himalayan mountain range. Book Your Seat:

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What are the Health Benefits of Yoga Practice?

In the modern world, many people want to live a healthy lifestyle. But only a few can manage their lifestyle in a better way. If you are also looking for a way that helps in removing tension and stress from your body, then yoga is your best friend. Yes, yoga is the best therapy for reducing stress and tension from your body. For the yoga exercise, you need to learn yoga first. At Yoga Teacher Training in India, you will learn yoga poses that you can do in your daily routine for better health.

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4 Replies · Reply by vishal ghatul Jul 20

Know the Deep Yoga Poses for Better Health

Yoga is good for your health, and it will make your body healthy and fit naturally. It will be good for your health and make a relaxed mind in your life. From the daily exercise of yoga in their daily routine, it will do wonders in your life and give you the health benefits of learn yoga at Sharada yoga peeth. which provides yoga teacher training in India.

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Yoga For Weight Loss – Types & Exercises

Yoga is a traditional form of exercise which helps in focusing the mind, body, and soul. It was practiced in ancient India and people of every age group can experience its benefits. The Yoga word is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj,” which means the union of an individual with the universe. The practice of yoga includes the physical activity which helps in connecting with the body, mind, and soul. Here, you will learn about Yoga for weight loss, and you can practice them anywhere without any…

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