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CRPF adopts yoga as a regular practise to reduce stress 
CRPF personnel have included yoga in their regular routine exercise to keep themselves mentally and physically fit.
Tue, Feb 23, 2010 11:05:14 IS

THE CENTRAL Reserve Police Force (CRPF) has resorted to Yoga as a tool to help jawans reduce stress and increase efficiency. The CRPF has already made yoga a compulsory activity for the force in the wake of rising tension and stress in the minds of rank and file.
Apart from making it part of the daily routine, the CRPF has also taken the initiative to hold workshops for trainers and camps on a regular basis at all CRPF bases. The force is also hiring experts to identify particular exercises that not only reduce stress but also increase the fitness level of jawans.
“The CRPF has already kick started its first five day yoga camp which is being administered by yoga experts from different parts of the country. We also aim at increasing the number of camps in the state”, said Kewal Singh, commandant 106 Battalion Rapid Action Force (RAF) CRPF.
At the national level, the CRPF has adopted yoga guru Swami Ramdev as their teacher and trainer.
“We, on a regular basis send our fitness professionals to acquire and update yoga techniques to the camps organized by Swami Ramdev. The CRPF also invites the Swami at different CRPF bases all around the country to teach yoga”, said VK Choudhary, deputy commandant 106 Battalion RAF.
According CRPF trainers the adoption of yoga has already started showing positive effects on the mental and physical health of the jawans. This ancient art, as told by jawans, is helping them concentrate and reducing fatigue, apprehension and stress.
“We are becoming psychologically strong and I feel that the jawans have become more efficient. This exercise has blown in a new life into the tedious routine of CRPF officials. I am sure that in the future these workshops and camps will make our force sturdy, robust and determined”, said Choudhary.

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