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The Benefits of Practicing Yoga

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Whatever that can mean today, Yoga in plain language means opportunity or luck. For example, if you inherit a legacy totally in an unanticipated way, it is your yoga that brought it your way. It is quite a common word in its usage, meaning luck, in India. Sample this: ‘He had a bad yoga; he lost his business in the storm’.

Then, How Come It Came To Be Known As A Different Exercise Cult?
It is quite simple. The four manifestations of yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Raja Yoga, and Jnana Yoga, fundamentally preach different ways of attaining ’salvation or moksha’ or the eternal freedom; freedom from deaths and lives; freedom from good and evil. Although there are deviations to all four main forms of yoga, there is a common thread binding them in an innocuous way. That it is the means of spiritual enlightenment. Taking a cue from here, another relatively later manifestation called as ‘Hatha Yoga’, preaches the same thing as the other four, considered by ordinary people as difficult to practice, but emphasizes more on physical health.

Hinduism has a lot of literatures and treatises written on all four forms plus the Hatha Yoga. Patanjali, one prominent of them, is credited as being the proponent of yogasanas as yoga is known popularly today. The word yogasana is a conjugate word of yoga and asana. Yogasana combines the benefits of physical postures, in a scientific sequence, performed under extreme concentration on controlling the mind and breath, for physical benefits.

Yoga and Exercises
Yoga is a popular short word for yogasana after it reached west. Yoga is practiced after proper coaching like any other exercising method. Each step in any posture is defined and regulated to precision. When yoga is practiced, practitioners chant mantras which help practitioners hold the postures’ steps till the mantra ends. The steps can also be followed by chanting simple ‘OM’.

OM is believed to be the first sound the human being heard from the Creator. To chant OM, one needs to relax the mind beforehand and slowly chant for a length of time, which is entirely decided by the chanter to his or her entire comfort, which does not strain the lungs. The longest effortless single breath chant is the naturally needed length of OM. Change your yogasana step at the end of each OM and proceed further till end.

What we discussed is the simplest class of yoga. Breath control is equally important for yoga to benefit you in any way. Pranayama, which regulates the oxygen supplies to our blood, must be associated with yoga practice.

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