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Diagnostics of Karma


Diagnostics of Karma

Karma Correction tools. Create your life and fate, Cleaning Spirit by Yoga & Pyramids. Diagnostics of karma. If you do not know laws of karma it does not exempt you from responsibility and punishment.

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Fire clearing Spirit (Karma) in pyramid. Karma laws. Diagnostics of karma. Testing infinite being.

Karma laws.

Laws karma are connecting us,
but time will quickly fly by
and again,
New turn of destiny will separate us.
We will dissolve in the infinity,
don’t recognize in future lives
that we have been a favorites

Karma Laws, dreams, desires & Laws of Attraction

What is karma?

Hindu texts describe three types of Karma Yoga ( sachita, agamis and prarabdha ).
"Karma is a total sum of acts and their consequences which defines character of a new birth, embodiments, and influence of former acts, including the previous births, on character of the present and subsequent existence."
Some believe that all sanchita karmas may be burned off.

Modern researches, the analysis of ancient philosophical views of the East, has allowed to define three types Karma .
  • Karma testing.

  • Karma from (past life) last lives - reincarnations, (researches Dr. Stevenson, data of regressive hypnosis);
  • Karma from parents, heredities (genetics, hereditary behavioral signs);
  • Karma from acts of the current life, which reason are depends on outlook, errors, illusions, dogmas.

Researches have shown close interrelation between subtle energy chakras, patrimonial karma, reincarnations of last lives and health. Karma & chakras diagnostics.

What operates life process - Laws of Attraction or dreams, desires? What are Attraction ?
What are dreams?
You believe that you can operate your dreams? Or our dreams operate us?
It is possible only a direction of development of yours karma?

In my destiny there was time when it was necessary to be engaged in business and I did this work. But time and requirement to work with spirit, with spiritual world has come.
I tried to understand, what it is the world in which I live, what laws operate in this world? On my surprise, to me began to give knowledge of the world, that I should do knowledge of that. I have actually suggested making a choice to continue material, business and then death of relatives, or spiritual world - health and a life of my family.

If karma your life is material, you will be a success in material world. If karma heavy the road is difficult also the big work on spirit clearing it is required. Diagnostics of karma is necessary and the understanding of meaning of the life is necessary.

What there are your dreams and your karma?
Your dreams have influenced a choice of your destiny?
You have getting control of your life or illusion of getting control of your life ?

Life between desire and possibility:
I have possibility, but I have no desire, or
I have desire, but I have no possibility.

It is impossible to prove or confirm it by reasoning’s.
I only have allocated the separate moments of the theory of reincarnations. There are many researching which confirm the theory of reincarnations. Karma & chakras diagnostics

It is interesting to know what complicated situation you have. If idea of regression creates a complicated situation for you so do not apply it.

.Healing pyramids of Atlantis - Karma Correction tools.

Diagnostics of karma.

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Comment by Katja on June 3, 2009 at 11:20pm
Hallo Konstantin,
it's very interesting, what you have just published. I am glad to learn this.
OM namah shivaya
Comment by Gregg Hill Gopal on July 1, 2009 at 11:25am
Swami Sivananda writes:

No man in the world is related to any other from the absolute metaphysical standpoint and whatever relationship exists between one and the other is, after all, by dint of Karmas performed previously. Human beings associate and dissociate themselves just as two pieces of wood in a flowing river. When the time ripens, everything resolves itself into One. This makes it clear that one is at liberty to take Sannyas at any desired moment without incurring any inequity, provided one has the staunch Bhav that nobody is related to anybody in this world, and that everybody stands by himself to seek his goal.


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