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When a sadhaka goes through stages of tapa he becomes the root of speach (vibration:-Nada), he is then consciousness (rays :-rashmi), then he becomes the bliss (light:- joti) aften then he becomes non dual the brahmana (both light & darkness unified:- shiva-sakti) then the sadhaka becomes pure knowledge the carrier of causal intelligence. After that the brahman surely can convert a contaminated mind to a pure one.   

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Wonderful description of how the transition takes place from the sadhaka to the brahman, from the seeker to the sought. Thank you for this wonderful description. It would be really useful and enlightening if you could post a more detailed description.
The truth of being opens to whom it is the life it is meant, it will be shown to every being at some stage, in some life.....

Very, very true beloved sadhak. Its our ( all human beings) prayer that all who born as human beings should taste the necter of divinity. The infinite causal intelligence and its applied manifestations. Wish all being been redeemed to purity of understandings and wisdom of the secret meta-science.
The scape is very simple, we are very simple, we can re-learn how to be simple, beings strive very hard. This soul here has been very fortunate. The soul and mind has visited the scape all souls will visit. Wonderful realisation. A humen can be given the neccasary teachings whilst on this plane to live a life of acceptance, this fellow souls, is progress. Striving to be simple may be a path of intense learning and reading, searching, waiting. That is valuable for some, for me too, but that is not stillness. Stillness exists. And what is great we will all feel it. Recogonition of this is Liberating, if recognised. Chandan, could this be causal intelligence, the one intelligence. Namaste
Yes my my dear beloved sadhak


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