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When did you meet Swami Vishnu-devananda? How did you meet? What were your experiences?

Thank you for sharing your memories.

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In 1980 I had just finished 4 years as an American Army Paratrooper and was looking for a way to meet women and socialize. I took Bharat's who had a Sivananda Yoga Center for 35 years and taught 3 classes a week. I took his college class. He would always start the class for about 5 minutes on such topics as Karma or Reincarnation. I disagreed with everything being raised a Catholic. 1981 I went to Yoga Camp and met Swami Vishnu and after my first full day, I said to myself I going to do Yoga. In 1980 I gave Ruby Blue my seat at Satsang and over time she said I was here 3rd son. Bharat said, " I was one in a million." 1982 TTC/ 1984 TTC I recorded some of my classes and I recorded Swamiji until 1989. Staff from the 70's - 80's together we have lectures from 1974-1989 of Swamiji. I have 16 CD/DVD movies of Master & Swami Vishnu. The best are the direct disciple of Master Sivananda talking about Him. I gave DVD'S to Rishikesh they didn't have ! Go to
This project is still in progress. is over 150 pages it shows you all the Tracks lectures and minutes by minute what is said. Also there is a spreadsheet to find everything I have spent over $ 40,000.00 Euros working on this project. 7000 DVD's have been given out all over the world. Not that my life saving is exhausted I have given more Tracks of Swamiji and others that need to be archived.
Funny thing is now I know how to do the process but I have no money as I retired to get this project done. Sivananda to Dr. Sivananda Advaryhoo the famous eye surgeon that God has a responsibility to see this work gets done. Thousands of pictues of Master & Swamiji were also sent out all over the world. I lived with & worked for Swami Sahajananda for 4 months in South Africa. He was 100 % devoted to Master Sivananda. He told his followers that I have been a disciple of the Master Sivananda many,many lifetimes. Ruby Blue said."It was all Karma." It's been a hell of a ride at 52 years old I have nothing yet I have all of Swamiji's & Master's thought recorded. I'm not finished until YOU have everything I have. Some one just sent some of Swamiji's hair ! Glory to Master Sivananda and all his followers. Mother Theresa said, " I have the Peace of Jesus Christ and no one can take it from me." I am living that thorough Master Sivananda and Swamiji as dealing with Swami Vishnu's disciple has been very interesting ... Thanks for reading this, link up to those websites.


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