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My husband Art, and I Live in Kenai Alaska after my 3 Children my son Keddie, son Larry, an my daughter Peggy.had grown up and moved away there was nothing to keep us in CA. And For me the last 51 years I had wanted to live in Alaska, now was the perfect time, for that Dream to come true. So now I'm on the Internet and loving what I do, and enjoying all my new found friends. This is a great community, with lots of carrying members that soon become friends. Now we have moved to Kenai, Alaska to a quite friendly community.


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  • Hello Mam, You are my first friend in this community.I'm from India.Studying Ayurveda Medicine since 2006.My course will be completed by 2011.Then I can practice medicine and will be named Dr Vidyanand.Happy to see you are member of Jnana yoga.Because Im very proud to say that I'm native of Kalady,which is the birth place of Adi Sankaracharya.
    Please Keep in touch.
  • many thanks madam. wish u a good day.
  • Thank you.
  • U are welcome.
  • Thank you for your wish Helen.
  • Hi Helen, thanks for your birthday wishes,...Om Shanti Om Annette
  • If you think U R alone, well U might find yourselve tptally abandoned. Always feel positive to be in the centre of rich community of the world & U will be peace with U. Everyome in this world is your friends & brothers & sisters. This is the philosophy of Indian hence we always say ''VISHVA BANDHUTV'' . Vishva is world & Bandhutva is brotherliness. Means we all are brothers & sister to each other. This thinking will always find U at peace with U & U find the world different & vivid.

  • Thank-you for your birthday wishes, dear Helen.

    All good things to you!


  • Tashi Delek Helen...I am glad to have your greetings. I had a beautiful bithday celebration with my friends....May we all have a happy and meaningful long life.

    Take care:) Wangdue
  • Dear helen
    It is so nice and sweet of you to remember me this day. It becomes so difficult to be alone today with his memory.. really so difficult. Only I have faith in the Devine.. so I can console myself that someday all will be alone.. alone one has come and alone one has to go.. so the drama in between is only and experience..Pray for me so that I be normal and happy in future. Love Mamata
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