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  • Thanks a lot.

    Dr. Kalam
  • Salutations my divine Katalin

    Thank you for the birthday greetings


    Sri Devanayagi
  • Thanks for the birthday wishes, Katalin!
  • Thank you. Am amazed at the dedication of the practioners on Vidya. Om Shanti.
  • Thanks, may you have all the peace and the purity of soul.

    Take good care of yourself,
    Best regards,
    Danish Iqbal
  • Hari Om, KATALIN,
  • Jai Sri Ramana! In a lovely stroke of synchronicity, a friend who is new to bhakti yoga sent me an email quoting your blog post about the silent space between the songs being our Selves and then I sign on here and find you have left a beautiful comment on my wall. We are truly all connected by Source.

    Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi.
  • Well I am not sure about any of the terms but I am pretty sure I should be thanking You ; ) I hope you have a blessed day!
  • Thanks a lot for the sweet birthday card! All the beast, Om Shanti
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